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Lonnie Carter, President and CEO of Santee Cooper

In February, Santee Cooper toppled the 300-foot stacks at Grainger Generating Station, the final step in dismantling an old coal-fired facility and a powerful symbol of our gains this year toward a clean, diverse and still reliable generating portfolio.

In this, our 2016 Environmental Annual Report, you will see the many ways Santee Cooper has advanced on this front.

Construction of V.C. Summer nuclear units 2 and 3 saw significant progress this year, after we amended our contract with Westinghouse to provide an opportunity to substantially fix the price of constructing the units and bring in Fluor Corp. as project manager. These new units, built in partnership with South Carolina Electric & Gas Co., form the foundation of Santee Cooper’s plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and comply with the anticipated Clean Power Plan. They are also the centerpiece of our goal to meet 40 percent of our customers’ energy requirements by 2020 through clean energy and energy efficiency programs.

We continue to buy natural gas generation to supplement what we produce at Rainey Generating Station. We increased our beneficial use of ash at three generating stations, excavating ash ponds and providing it as a raw material for use in cement and concrete products, and so creating jobs and economic benefit as a result. In April, 10 years after we introduced utility solar to South Carolina electric customers, we rolled out new solar programs including the state’s first community solar project.

As we have done since September 2001, Santee Cooper continues to offer customers (and members of the state’s electric cooperatives) the optional purchase of Green Power, with revenues invested in new renewable programs serving the state.

When our board of directors approved our 2020 goal back in 2007, the finish line seemed a long way off. With 2020 just around the corner, we are on track to achieve that goal. More than that, our good partnerships with SCE&G and the state’s electric cooperatives are building nuclear and renewable energy resources that will transform our energy landscape and power South Carolina for generations to come.

Lonnie Carter