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Fall 2016


South Carolina Notable State


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Nicole A. Aiello

Art Direction and Design
Jennifer Dease

Photography/Photo Editor
Paul Zoeller

Nicole A. Aiello
Phil M. Fail
Mollie Gore
Susan Mungo
Willard Strong

Graphic Artist
Stephanie Dukes


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Copper bright wire is the result of processing scrap coated copper wire, which increases its value to more than twice the dollar amount of the coated copper wire.

One Man's Trash...

An old adage states, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. At Santee Cooper, reducing our use and recycling what we cannot use is an important endeavor.

Celebrating 15 Years of Green Power at Santee Cooper

Looking back at the genesis of Green Power throughout the Santee Cooper system.

A Heart of Steel

The softer side on America’s largest steel manufacturer.

Artistic Transformations

Three South Carolina artists transform discarded materials into creative masterpieces.

Santee Cooper is for The Birds

Creating bird-friendly campuses at Santee Cooper.

A Centennial Celebration of Nature

The National Park Service turns 100.