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Fall 2017
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Darlington Green Stripe

Turn 4 at Darlington Raceway was painted green designating that Santee Cooper-produced Green Power was the renewable electricity consumed at the track “Too Tough to Tame” during this year’s Labor Day weekend races. Paul Menard (top) and Carl long drive their Chevrolet’s past the marker on Sept 3.


The Great American Eclipse was an exciting adventure for many, including a family from England that spent their day at Old Santee Canal Park.

Darlington Raceway

Forty cars, all custom built to strict NASCAR specifications started the 2017 Bojangles’ Southern 500 held Sept. 3 at Darlington Raceway. The track is considered the granddaddy of superspeedways on the NASCAR circuit.

Carnivorous Plants

The leafy, man-eating star of “Little Shop of Horrors,” Audrey Junior, would be at home in the coastal Carolinas, the native range of many types of carnivorous plants.

Aquatic Invasive Plants

Santee Cooper employees discover Giant Salvinia, an aggressive aquatic plant, on Lake Marion and work to control it.

Sustainable and Sweet South Carolina Shrimp

Fresh caught South Carolina shrimp is a sustainable delicacy that impacts, businesses, boat owners and families up and down our coastline.

2017 Environmental Report

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