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The coal-fired Grainger Generating Station stood sentry to Conway and the Grand Strand for five decades. It was a quiet watchman of the millions of visitors to the South Carolina coast and the unofficial symbol that vacation was near. For locals and Santee Cooper employees, it was a longtime friend and provider, and the powerhouse that helped bring back the light after Hurricane Hugo.

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Go on a visual journey of dismantling and demolition of Grainger Generating Station. Its last remaining structures, two 300-foot stacks, were tumbled to the ground on Feb. 7, 2016.

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Music evokes change in the atmosphere and region in which it lives. The Grand Strand is no exception. It has been changing and growing because of musical influences for decades.

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Santee Cooper Country, the five counties encompassing lakes Marion and Moultrie, is perhaps best known today for South Carolina natural resources including lake-centered recreation and fishing and hunting enthusiasts. The area is also well-dotted with sites of Revolutionary War battles.

sc electric

The U.S. electric grid is the network that connects electricity producers and consumers through a system of generation, transmission and distribution lines and facilities.

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On March 21, the Santee Cooper Board of  Directors approved South Carolina’s first community solar project and new energy rebates for its community and rooftop solar programs.