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CCU Football Game Scores with Green Power

On Dec. 2, Santee Cooper and Coastal Carolina University joined forces for the inaugural Chants Up for Green Power Game. The game was run on 100 percent Santee Cooper Green Power and was sponsored by the Horry County Solid Waste Authority, which happens to be the birthplace of Green Power here in South Carolina.

This game added to the list of renewable energy firsts between Santee Cooper and Coastal Carolina University. Santee Cooper was the first company to produce Green Power in the state, and CCU is home to the first solar pavilion in South Carolina. The pavilion is a 16-kilowatt solar project that has solar panels that use the sun for energy.

This was a zero-waste game for Coastal Carolina University. To achieve this goal, their sustainability team worked to divert 90 percent of the waste produced inside the stadium, suite and alumni tailgate areas through composting and recycling. This is a great way that CCU Teal Nation and Santee Cooper Green Power have come together to make a difference.


Santee Cooper Board approves 2018 budget

In December, Santee Cooper’s Board of Directors approved a $2.1 billion budget for 2018. It includes $1.7 billion for the electric system, $9.8 million for the water systems and $378.6 million for capital expenditures. Approximately 42 percent of the $1.7 billion electric system budget is allocated for fuel and purchased power.

The budget includes annual cost reductions of $40 million. Further cost reductions and restructuring are expected through elimination of positions as employees retire and through deferred capital projects.