Progress Documents

Over the past year, Santee Cooper has implemented reforms, changes and improvements to create a healthier utility with stronger accountability, less debt, and new initiatives underway to deliver leaner, greener electricity. Among our highlighted accomplishments, we:


  • Froze rates for 4+ years.
  • Saved $347 million through debt refinancing (2019-2020).
  • Paid off over $600 million net debt (2019-2020), and in 2020 set $85 million aside to pay down a unique 2023 “balloon” debt obligation.
  • Improved our credit rating.
  • Greatly reduced legal liabilities.
  • Secured $160 million in projected annual average fuel and operating savings, a 13% reduction.
  • Created a more efficient, accountable, and diverse Santee Cooper.
  • Advanced our vision for leaner, greener energy.
  • Supported economic development, COVID relief.
  • Enabling expanded broadband access.
  • Tied our best year ever for safety.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

Click on our Progress Report Card, 2020 Progress Update and other information here for more details on how we are working to increase value for our customers and all South Carolinians.