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Santee Cooper Reform Plan

Our Reform Plan puts South Carolinians first and provides certainty through
low prices, green energy, and new transparency.
State of South Carolina

Stable Prices

for 7 more years

Greener power supply =
$2.7 billion in net present value savings
through 2039

Leaner, Greener

power supply

1,500 MW more solar
200 MW battery storage
43% reduced CO2 emissions

Improved Transparency

More public involvement, improved oversight, and more direct input from customers and other South Carolinians will keep Santee Cooper accountable to you.

Building a Brighter Future

A transformed Santee Cooper will provide significant new benefits to customers and to the state's environment and economy. And it keeps the power in your hands.

Reform Plan Provides Certainty

Offering new certainty in pricing, a greener power supply and additional governance, our Reform Plan keeps customer pricing stable for seven more years, adds 800% more solar to our current generation mix, pays off $3.6 billion in debt in 12 years, and dramatically improves governance and increases transparency.

It also continues Santee Cooper’s unique economic development efforts, superior reliability and impressive safety record while keeping control and decision-making with South Carolinians.