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Cheers to 10 years of Green Power with RBC Heritage

April 11, 2018   By Nicole Aiello in Green Power
What an exciting week! The weather is beautiful and the sun is shining on Harbour Town Golf Links on Hilton Head Island. And we’re celebrating an impressive milestone … the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing is celebrating a decade of going green with Green Power.

It started with a promise 10 years ago – a promise to be excellent environmental stewards. Since then, every drive, chip and putt has been powered by 100 percent Green Power, generated by Santee Cooper and delivered to RBC Heritage by our friends at Palmetto Electric Cooperative.

RBC Heritage will purchase Santee Cooper Green Power from Palmetto Electric for the duration of the 2018 tournament, which is taking place now. 

I’ve been lucky enough to join Heritage and PEC at the tournament, giving away Green Power information at the booth on the Heritage Lawn. It’s a real treat to see how well people respond when they learn about the Green Power... Continue Reading >>

Green Power powers RBC Heritage

March 01, 2017   By Nicole Aiello in Green Power
Palmetto Electric Cooperative, RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing and Santee Cooper announced this week the RBC Heritage would be powered by 100 percent Green Power for the ninth year in a row. That’s quite a commitment to the environment, and one we’re proud to be a part of.

RBC Heritage’s commitment year after year to Green Power is pretty impressive. The PGA Golf Tournament will purchase Santee Cooper Green Power from Palmetto Electric Cooperative for the duration of the 2017 event, which plays April 10 through 16 at Harbour Town Golf Links on Hilton Head Island. Even more impressive, the tournament was the first major Green Power event in the state, back in 2009.

Green Power is made from clean, renewable energy sources that include biogas, solar and wind power right here in our great state of South Carolina. We began generating Green Power in 2001. Palmetto Electric was actually one of the first cooperatives in the state to offer... Continue Reading >>

Update on actual 2016 Chevrolet Volt performance

January 25, 2017   By Elizabeth Kress in Green Power

Liz Kress is having a positive ownership experience with her Chevy Volt.

I’ve been driving a Chevrolet Volt for almost a year now, having driven it off the lot on Feb 27, 2016. Here are some of the things I’ve learned since then, starting with an updated “frequently asked questions” from my last blog.

How far can it go on a charge? The distance I get on an electric charge varies with temperature. My electric range is 60 miles during warm months, and 51 miles on a cold day. This really doesn’t change my driving pattern, because the gasoline engine can still cut in to go farther, and my typical daily mileage is 15 to 20 miles around town.

What is the equivalent fuel cost of running on electricity versus gas?  It is costing about 6 cents per mile when I’m running on gas. The Volt gets about 34 mpg on gas with 10 percent ethanol. When I’m running on electricity, it costs about 4 cents per mile. I used an electricity cost of 11 cents per kilowatt-hour for this calculation. This... Continue Reading >>

Hybrid electric vehicles: an owner’s personal perspective

October 26, 2016   By Elizabeth Kress in Green Power

Chevrolet has been selling the Volt, its plug-in hybrid, since 2011.

I have been planning to buy an electric car since 1978. During my junior year in college, I went to work as a summer intern for General Motors Corp.’s Delco-Remy division in Anderson, Ind. I helped build and test batteries for an electric car.

I still haven’t really bought one though, since my 2016 Chevrolet Volt is a lease. It’s also a plug-in hybrid, not fully electric. It costs $350 a month for a four-year lease, and someone else will have to worry about replacing the battery. Sticker price was $35,465, about the same as a pickup truck. Here are some of the more interesting answers to frequently asked questions:

How far can it go on a charge? Sixty miles, and then the gas engine starts to run. Once the gas engine starts, it gets an assist from the electric battery as can be seen from the battery usage indicator light showing charging and use. The battery assist helps improve gas mileage.

How far can it go with full... Continue Reading >>

It's always sunny in Bamberg

May 05, 2016   By Nicole Aiello in Green Power

Santee Cooper’s newest Solar School was dedicated April 29 in Bamberg, one of 28 Solar Schools in the state.

It’s always fun to see children get excited about learning. It’s even more fun to see them get excited when learning about energy. That’s exactly what happened Friday when Santee Cooper joined Bamberg Board of Public Works and Bamberg School District 1 in the dedication of Richard Carroll Elementary at our newest Solar School.

The school has been equipped with a solar cell array that is already producing electricity from the sun’s rays, providing students with a firsthand look at the opportunities and challenges of solar power. Students, educators and Bamberg public works employees gathered under sunny skies to support the program and dedicate the 2-kw solar array. Richard Carroll Elementary Solar School is the 28th Solar School in South Carolina.

The Solar Schools initiative was designed to encourage interest in the environment and demonstrate the feasibility and limitations of renewable power generation. Each Solar School... Continue Reading >>