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A Green Power Milestone

August 26, 2015   By Kevin F. Langston in Green Power
Our Green Power program achieved a major milestone this week when it generated its 1 millionth megawatt-hour of electricity after nearly 14 years of continuous production. (That's enough renewable energy to power more than 74,000 average-sized homes for a year .)

Santee Cooper was the first utility in South Carolina to generate renewable Green Power beginning in September 2001 with the Horry County Landfill Generating Station, which produces electricity from methane gas created naturally by decomposing garbage. We also brought the state's first Green Power solar station to the campus of Coastal Carolina University in 2006.

We now have more than 28 megawatts of Green Power capacity, including six landfill biogas stations, three solar arrays, and one wind turbine. Since dedicating the state's first Green Power Generating Station at the Horry County Landfill, additional landfill generating stations have opened in Anderson, Berkeley, Georgetown, Lee,... Continue Reading >>

Feeling renewed

April 08, 2015   By Jessica Yourko in Green Power
Instead of a big family gathering last weekend with tons of casseroles, decadent desserts and millions of dyed eggs, we did things a little differently. Without much encouragement, my family agreed to spend the entire day on my husband's family farm just getting back to our roots.

We played in the dirt, fished in the pond and were chased by the chickens. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, the flowers were blooming, and the bees were humming everywhere. I guess you could say it was a storybook kind of day.

Luckily, several baby goats made their grand appearance just before we arrived. Seeing the full circle of life — watching the new kids waiting for their mother to feed them, the new moms dutifully standing guard over their offspring and the older goats grazing in the field — made me think about how important caring for our natural habitat really is.

Like moms of all species trying to protect their young, Santee Cooper... Continue Reading >>

Being green is easier than ever

January 15, 2015   By Susan Mungo in Green Power
The 3MW Berkeley Landfill Generating Station near Moncks Corner, S.C.
With family holiday gatherings, putting decorations back in storage, and football playoffs, I feel like I have kept the city sanitation department hopping lately. The trash I have gathered from these weeks of events has been crazy. I recycle and have had at least two bins full of recyclables for weeks now. But in addition to that, I have had at least one large "just trash" container each week as well. I feel like I have done more than my share of adding to the local landfill.

I am trying to become a better environmental steward and live a more simple life, but you may not pick up on that judging by my trash pile! However, that goal is made easier because Santee Cooper is using my trash to generate clean, renewable electricity. That may sound like something from a futuristic movie, but the fact is Santee Cooper has been making electricity from trash since 2001.

As landfill waste decomposes it produces methane gas, which can be converted into energy... Continue Reading >>