Environmental Stewardship

Santee Cooper's environmental efforts are core to our company's vision and beliefs. 

Our Santee Cooper Green Power program was the first in South Carolina to generate electricity for our customers from renewable resources, and it remains the largest program of its kind in the state. That's just one example of the innovative and pioneering approaches we’ve taken as environmental stewards.

We are committed to maintaining compliance with all applicable federal, state and local environmental statutes, regulations, enforceable agreements and permits. We are also committed to continual improvement in environmental performance through:

  • Proactively seeking ways to enhance compliance
  • Promoting conservation and renewable energy initiatives
  • Minimizing environmental risks
  • Promoting pollution prevention
  • Dedicating personnel, equipment, training and materials for the comprehensive Environmental Management System

Renewable Energy

Santee Cooper Renewable Map

Renewable generation is part of our long-term commitment to environmental stewardship — to meet more of our customers' needs with renewable energy, energy efficiency and electricity that does not emit greenhouse gases.

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Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Plug-in electric vehicles, known as PEVs, offer you a clean, quiet and enjoyable ride, and the coming years will offer even more exciting developments in all-electric vehicles. Carmakers are promising  drivers that the next generation of PEVs will be more affordable and have at least 200 miles of battery range on a single charge.   

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Sea Turtle Protection

South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts (SCUTE) is a group of volunteers dedicated to sea turtle conservation in Georgetown and Horry counties. 

Organized in 1990, SCUTE is permitted by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources to protect turtle nests, relocate turtle nests if necessary and record turtle deaths through the Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network.

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Distributed Generation

Customer-based Solar

Santee Cooper supports development of solar power resources. We’ve been generating solar energy for our customers since 2006, and we’ve promoted it with the state’s electric cooperatives through demonstration projects all across South Carolina.

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Give Oil For Energy Recovery (GOFER) is Santee Cooper's used oil collection and recovery program and the state's largest used-oil collection program for do-it-yourselfers.

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Zero-Waste Management

Santee Cooper is leading the way toward a zero-waste business. Working together, Santee Cooper takes every opportunity to find value in what was previously considered waste. Our Investment Recovery department navigates the company’s operations toward this sustainable destination by creating programs that include recycling, material reuse, closed-loop solutions and energy creation.

Annually, we recycle nearly 2 billion pounds of paper, cardboard, plastics, utility poles, scrap metal, batteries, tires and other industrial materials, as well as coal combustion products such as gypsum and fly ash.

Our efforts have been recognized by the S.C. Department of Commerce and the Carolina Recycling Association, among others.