Our project design group works to meet the needs of area developers. We design and install the electric system infrastructure and outdoor lighting based on the unique needs of each residential subdivision or commercial project.

Below are many of the common forms and agreements that might be required depending on your specific needs. Also included are several handbooks and technical guides that provide useful information to your development process.

  Easement Form

  Easement Sample

  Letter of Agreement - Commercial

  Line Extension Application Agreement - Residential

    Letter of Availability Form

  Load Data

  Meter Base Labeling Diagram

  Meter Installation Specifications Handbook eff. 10/31/2018

  Santee Cooper Approved Meter Base List

  Meter Installation Specifications Supplement

  Padmount and Subsurface Equipment

  Residential Service Extension Application Agreement

  Residential Service Extension Application Agreement (200A Print Only)

  Residential Service Extension Application Agreement (320A Print Only)

  Secondary Fault Current

  Transformer Pad Specifications

  UG Facilities Location Agreement

  Vegetation Management / Tree Trimming