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We can help you with more than just starting and stopping service. Learn more about outdoor lighting, generator interconnection, our line extension policy and what you need to know if you generate electricity, like solar, at your home or business.

Outdoor bridge

Outdoor Lighting

Santee Cooper offers a variety of outdoor LED fixtures that should accommodate most lighting requirements. We provide standard lighting including security, roadway, area and floodlights. We also offer our Heritage Collection decorative post-top and teardrop lighting.

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Solar panels

Generator Interconnection Standard

Our generator interconnection procedures, forms, and agreements for generators connecting to the authority’s distribution system.

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Online Forms

Whether you’re a new customer who wants to start electric service or a returning customer needing to make a change, we have the right forms to get you started.

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Line Extension Policy

Santee Cooper has a duty to provide standard electric service, which is defined as single-phase, overhead service to the normal point of service, to customers located in its assigned service territory.

Underground and non-standard electric service is recognized as higher quality service compared to overhead service and has additional costs associated with it. The residential Line Extension Policy establishes a uniform procedure for determining costs and potential offsets, and will minimize potential for premature or unnecessary line extensions. The policy mainly applies to developers and new home construction, unless a customer is modifying their existing service. 

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Distributed Generation

Customer-based Solar

Santee Cooper supports development of solar power resources. We’ve been generating solar energy for our customers since 2006, and we’ve promoted it with the state’s electric cooperatives through demonstration projects all across South Carolina.

We’re also working with customers who want to install solar panels at their homes or businesses to provide some of their energy needs. These customers still have access to Santee Cooper’s electric system – our generating units, power lines, and transmission and distribution poles – both when their own panels are not meeting their needs (nights, cloudy days, afternoon thunderstorms) and when they sell us back excess energy they’re producing.

It’s important to us that we don’t shift the cost to serve solar customers to our non-solar customers. We are committed to continued support for solar energy, whether we’re generating it or you are, and also to making sure all our customers are charged fairly for access to our system. Learn more by watching this short video

Santee Cooper was the first utility to generate renewable energy for our customers when we opened our first Green Power station in 2001. We will continue to look for ways to increase renewable energy generation that are practical and make sense for our customers.

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