Outdoor LED Lighting

Santee Cooper offers a variety of outdoor LED fixtures that should accommodate most lighting requirements. We provide standard lighting including security, roadway, area and floodlights. We also offer our Heritage Collection decorative post-top and teardrop lighting.

Santee Cooper's Heritage Collection will enrich the brilliance and allure of your community. Select from a series of fixtures to heighten the character and prestige of streetscapes and property as well as pedestrian areas and walkways. While creating an attractive and inviting atmosphere, this quality outdoor lighting also provides safety and security for residents.

Click here to view our "Light the Night" brochure for a look at the many styles and overview of our rates.

Santee Cooper also offers lighting evaluations for residential developments, businesses and individual homes, and we can help create a lighting design that best suits your property. For professional assistance with your outdoor lighting needs, contact us.