Email Migration

Email Migration

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Migration Complete

Technology Services will be working with Microsoft to migrate our email accounts and mailboxes from Silversky’s Hosting Services. Microsoft will then host our email, which will allow for security monitoring and significantly decreased response times to phishing threats.

The email migration will begin Friday, December 2, 2022 at 6pm and estimated to be completed on Sunday, December 4, 2022 at 1pm. Please refrain from using your email during this time. Also, be reminded that paging services may be intermittently unavailable during this time as well.


Steps After Email Migration

  1. Verify you can access email

    If you are unable to access your email after migration, click the "Troubleshooting Steps" button below.

    Troubleshooting Steps

  2. Boxer installed?

    If you have Boxer installed on a corporate or personal mobile device, you must uninstall and reinstall Boxer after the email migration. Click the button below for instructions.

    Boxer Instructions

  3. Outlook Webex Plug-in Instructions

    After the email migration, you may be required to sign into Webex to schedule meetings via Outlook, if you are a licensed Webex scheduling host. Below are instructions on how to sign back into your Webex for the Outlook Plug-in. If you are just attending a webex meeting, you should not be required to sign-in.

    Webex Plug-in Instructions

  4. Install and Setup MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

    You will be required to have MFA setup on your corporate or personal mobile device after migration if you plan to access email via OWA ( and you are not using a Santee Cooper workstation on the Santee Cooper network. This step can be completed prior to migration. Click the button below for installation instructions.

    MFA Install Instructions   Other Info about MFA

  5. Shared Mailbox Assessment

    Technology Services is performing an assessment of Shared Mailbox Accounts. Some shared mailbox accounts are being treated as distribution groups, while others are treated as a shared user accounts to log into devices. This assessment is needed to verify licenses required for email.

    Shared Mailbox Assessment    Creating / Modifying Rules for Shared Mailbox

    Adding Secondary Email Mailbox to Outlook Client

  6. How to manage distribution groups

    If you are currently the owner of a distribution group, click the button below to find out how to manage distribution groups after the migration.

    Manage Distribution Group Instructions

  7. How to send encrypted mail

    If you need to send and receive emails with sensitive information, you can use the Mimecast Secure Messaging app. Click the button below to view instructions on how to send an email encrypted.

    Send Encrypted Email Instructions

Click here to view the Email Migration Informational Session Powerpoint