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A comfortable home may need an ally

March 25, 2015   By Susan Mungo in Reduce The Use
Spring has finally arrived! While I love the idea that summer is just around the corner, I cannot seem to get comfortable. Are you like me and having trouble figuring out what to wear? The mornings and evenings still say sweater or even coat, yet there have been days lately when I have reached for my car's air conditioner.

Our wardrobe may be creating hot and cold issues for us, but did you know this can also be a time when your HVAC system struggles to keep you comfortable?  This can become a serious problem if you have neglected it over the winter.

 Proper maintenance can help keep your system running smoothly so you stay comfortable, no matter the season. Comfort aside, if your system is not running optimally, it can also cost you a pretty penny. The difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%.

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Remembering John Rainey

March 18, 2015   By Willard Strong in Santee Cooper History
The major printed news outlets in the state noted the March 14 passing of John Stringer Rainey, who served as chairman of the Santee Cooper Board of Directors from 1990 to 2000.

I had the privilege of getting to know Chairman Rainey during his service as chairman, and the more time I got to spend around him the more I grew to admire and respect him. He was a man of character and principle — and those principles would sometimes put him on a collision course with the status quo. In many ways, he was a rebel. I've long viewed him as such and wondered what he would think of that characterization.

Rainey was an Anderson native, the son of a physician. He attended McCallie School, an exclusive prep school in Chattanooga, Tenn. He told me his roommate was Carroll Campbell, the future South Carolina governor.

The young Rainey attended the University of Virginia and then the University of South Carolina School of Law. He later served as an inf... Continue Reading >>

It's Severe Weather Awareness Week in South Carolina

March 11, 2015   By Kevin F. Langston in Storms and Outages
In her proclamation declaring March 8-14 Severe Weather Awareness Week in South Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley said, "A well-informed public educated in necessary preparedness measures is less likely to suffer personal injury, loss of life, and property damage in the wake of severe weather."

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD), the National Weather Service (NWS), and the South Carolina Broadcasters Association (SCBA) jointly sponsor Severe Weather Awareness Week to remind people that severe weather is a significant hazard in South Carolina, and people need to take the necessary safety precautions .

Earlier this week, SCEMD held a statewide disaster exercise that included more than 5,000 first responders, members of the National Guard, and emergency managers at locations across South Carolina. The purpose of this exercise was to test the state's response to an emergency scenario. Today, public schools, state and local emergency manage... Continue Reading >>

Workforce is Key to Economic Development

March 04, 2015   By Josh Kay in Economic Development
Economic development professionals, including us here at Santee Cooper , are always looking for ways to help promote South Carolina as a desirable place for industries to relocate. One of the ways we do this is by paying attention to what industries are looking for in a new location.

When an industry looks to relocate or expand its operations, it looks at several factors in the decision-making process. These site-selection factors are highlighted each year in a host of surveys and rankings like Area Development's survey of site selection consultants , Site Selection magazine's site selectors survey , and Business Facilities' Site Seekers' Guide .

 If you spend a moment to read these and the many other rankings and surveys, you will see that workforce is usually the top concern for industries looking to relocate or expand into an area. There are countless of stories of projects looking in locations across the U.S. that have passed on an area due to an... Continue Reading >>

Happy Anniversary to Me

February 25, 2015   By Jessica Yourko in Customer Care
On the fifth day of February 2001, I walked into a Santee Cooper retail office for the first time as an employee. As excited as I was to begin a new journey, I was scared to death of the challenges that I might face. Learning a new computer system, finding my way around, and educating myself on all of the volumes of policies and procedures were just some of things I feared most.

Over the years my position has changed, and it is only rarely that I find myself back where I started. Truth be told, the thing I miss the most is the people, the customers … YOU! I miss building relationships, hearing how your families are doing and just sharing a simple "hello." I just miss serving our customers face to face.

While times are changing and more and more of our customers want to do business with us over the phone or online, Santee Cooper still provides walk-in locations for those of you who still like to see a friendly face.

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A chilling reminder

February 18, 2015   By Susan Mungo in Reduce The Use
On Groundhog Day , which weather predictor do you tend to go with: Punxsutawney Phil or General Beauregard Lee ? During the first week of February it seemed the woodchuck weatherman from Atlanta had nailed it when he did not see his shadow and called for an early spring. However, this week has been a totally different story and has me thinking Phil from Pennsylvania may have been on to something when he called for six more weeks of winter. It has not only been cold but also windy and even a little icy in places.

To this South Carolina born and bred girl, it has felt very much like winter is settling in for a spell.

It may be cold outside, but I do not let the chill follow me inside. In fact, one of the first things I do when I get home in the evening is put on my favorite sweats and fuzzy socks. It's amazing not only how comfortable I am, but how warm and toasty the socks and sweatshirt make me feel. At Santee Cooper we offer many tips like this to help... Continue Reading >>