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PowerSource Wins Notable State Document Award

March 22, 2017   By Nicole Aiello in

Santee Cooper Public Relations Director Nicole Aiello accepts Notable State Document Award from the South Carolina State Library Acting Director Leesa Aiken.

I’m pretty excited to announce – and shout from the rooftops! – that Santee Cooper’s PowerSource magazine was honored with a 2016 Notable State Document Award on March 17 at the South Carolina State Library. Annually, the South Carolina State Depository System selects 10 notable publications that were released in the past calendar year. Librarians representing selected depository collections serve as judges, and the awards are announced in honor of Freedom of Information Day.

PowerSource was one of the chosen 10, and I couldn’t be more pleased and proud. The team in Corporate Communications and Corporate Print & Mail that puts this quarterly magazine together pours much love and hard work into the stories, designs, photographs and printing. We get a chance to meet interesting people and see amazing places that make this state such a unique place. Most importantly, we get a chance to tell their stories to our readers.... Continue Reading >>

Ready to spring into action

March 15, 2017   By Susan Mungo in Customer Care
This past Sunday, we sprang forward into daylight saving time and on a direct path to spring. The only problem was, the weather didn’t seem to get the memo.  As I write this blog, I am feeling grateful that our area only saw cold temperatures and a dusting of snow mixed with rain.

I am so thankful that we were spared the large amount of snow, ice and damaging winds that many states experienced.  You know, the kind of winter weather that can wreak havoc on our electrical system causing customers to be without power. We were fortunate and our system showed zero customers without power due to the weather. We were, however, ready and waiting in case you called.

At Santee Cooper, we have a Distribution Control Center that is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what the weather, we are ready to respond should something cause you to lose power. You can visit our storm center to report outages and other power problems, or if... Continue Reading >>

Recycling rumors

March 08, 2017   By Elizabeth Kress in Environmental Stewardship

Recycling is always a good idea for the environment and most times, your pocketbook too.

There is so much misinformation about recycling that it’s hard to know where to begin to educate folks.

Plastic, aluminum, glass, textiles, wood waste and organics each have their own story for processing and value. The scrap value can swing wildly as the markets change.

Santee Cooper has used wood waste, landfill gas and organics to produce electricity, so here’s hoping you’ll be interested in a blog on recycling of other materials and the circular economy as a whole.

In this blog, we explore the recycling of clothing, using local Goodwill as our specific and local example . I recently heard someone say, “You know, Goodwill throws out clothes they get that are out of season.” I tracked down Goodwill’s public relations manager, Kaley Briesmaster, to get the truth.

Goodwill accepts any clean clothing or textiles at all of its branches. At our local drive-through dropoff, the employee meets... Continue Reading >>

Green Power powers RBC Heritage

March 01, 2017   By Nicole Aiello in Green Power
Palmetto Electric Cooperative, RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing and Santee Cooper announced this week the RBC Heritage would be powered by 100 percent Green Power for the ninth year in a row. That’s quite a commitment to the environment, and one we’re proud to be a part of.

RBC Heritage’s commitment year after year to Green Power is pretty impressive. The PGA Golf Tournament will purchase Santee Cooper Green Power from Palmetto Electric Cooperative for the duration of the 2017 event, which plays April 10 through 16 at Harbour Town Golf Links on Hilton Head Island. Even more impressive, the tournament was the first major Green Power event in the state, back in 2009.

Green Power is made from clean, renewable energy sources that include biogas, solar and wind power right here in our great state of South Carolina. We began generating Green Power in 2001. Palmetto Electric was actually one of the first cooperatives in the state to offer... Continue Reading >>

Regulatory reform is a good thing

February 22, 2017   By Jay Hudson in Environmental Stewardship

The Federal Register is the official journal of the U.S. government that contains government agency rules, proposed rules and notices, including those that may affect the electric utility industry.

The new Trump administration has generated a large volume of dialog over issues ranging from immigration to health care.  We see voices on these issues every night, both for and against changes to existing policies.

One thing we should be positive about is regulatory reform.   One administration proposal is that for every new regulation, two must be eliminated or significantly reformed. The administration has also reached out to business groups requesting regulatory changes that would streamline how businesses operate.

According to a recent George Washington University study, the volume of regulations published annually has increased from 75,000 pages per year in 1975 to nearly 180,000 pages per year in 2015--and growing.   

Businesses have staff and employ consultants to monitor these daily, so that compliance is maintained.    Specifically, the electric utility industry is one of the most regulated... Continue Reading >>

Love Is In The Air

February 15, 2017   By Jessica Yourko in Customer Care

Santee Cooper prides itself on outstanding customer service at Retail service locations where you will find friendly, helpful people who consistently strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

February is a special month.  While it may be short with only 28 days, it is packed full of observances.  February is American Heart Month, Black History Month, Great American Pie Month, National Bird Feeding Month, National Hot Breakfast Month, National Snack Food Month… and this list could go on for days. 

February is also considered the month of love with, of course, Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. We buy cards, chocolates and flowers to show their affections to the ones they care about most.

At Santee Cooper, we love our customers. Although there are a million reasons why we love you, here a few ways we show it. We have:

Five full-service retail offices and a call center staffed with highly skilled team members who can assist you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Online chat during business hours to answer your questions Different ways for you to pay your bills , so you can choose what works... Continue Reading >>