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Follow the Energy Star to savings!

April 28, 2016   By Willard Strong in Reduce The Use


When you go shopping for a major appliance such as a refrigerator, freezer, washer or TV, or an even bigger purchase such as a heat pump, do you take the extra step to make sure they’re Energy Star qualified?

If you do, you’re among the millions of people who have embraced this federal program instituted in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star-qualified appliances use electricity more efficiently, saving you money on your power bill. Even if the Energy Star product costs a little more up front, it will typically pay for itself over time, often with dramatic results. Check out

Energy Star has an impressive track record. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, from the time Energy Star came on the national scene, “...families and businesses have realized savings of more than $362 billion on utility bills and prevented more than 2.4 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions over ... Continue Reading >>

Happy Earth Day, GOFER!

April 20, 2016   By Jessica Yourko in Environmental Stewardship
This Friday, for the 46 th time, we will once again celebrate a movement that was conceived to generate passion and motivate people to action.  On April 22, we will celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day began in 1970 as a way to bring an increased awareness to the importance of environmental protection.  Twenty million Americans took to the streets, coast to coast, to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment. Today, Earth Day is celebrated in more than 193 countries.

In 1990, to commemorate the 20 th anniversary of Earth Day, Santee Cooper began the Give Oil For Energy Recovery (GOFER) pilot program.  Within two days, nearly 700 hundred gallons of used motor oil were collected in Horry and Berkeley counties. Sadly, prior to this effort and through the decades, hundreds of thousands if not millions of gallons of used motor oil was soaked up into the soil, wetlands, and waterways in South Carolina because of the lack of easily acce... Continue Reading >>

Can you dig it?

April 13, 2016   By Susan Mungo in Safety
Planting season is finally here! After a cool, blustery weekend, the sun and warmer temperatures have arrived and with them, a pretty good bet the chance for frost is gone. So now is the time to get started planting.

You may have a full-fledged garden, or you may be more like me, only interested in growing flowers and shrubbery around your home. Either way, we at Santee Cooper encourage you to plant safely.

While you should be careful with garden tools, what I’d specifically like to talk about is calling to have underground lines marked before you dig that first hole. Safe digging is your responsibility and a law in South Carolina. SC 811 offers a free service to help you have buried lines, near or on your property, marked so that you do not accidentally cut into a service wire.

Whether it is an electrical, phone or cable wire, cutting into one can be both dangerous and inconvenient. With electrical lines, it can actually be ... Continue Reading >>

Hello, Sunshine!

April 06, 2016   By Nicole Aiello in Green Energy
Living in a neighborhood with strict HOA covenants meant I couldn’t even consider the benefits of rooftop solar energy. Many of you are probably in the same boat because you live in a condo, rent, don’t have enough sun on your roof or, frankly, don’t want to worry about maintenance and upkeep.

Santee Cooper residential and commercial customers can now get the benefits of solar power through Solar Share , South Carolina’s first community solar project launched by Santee Cooper on April 1, without having to install panels on their roofs.

I think that’s pretty exciting. Our President and CEO Lonnie Carter thinks it’s exciting news, too. On April 4, The Sun News in Myrtle Beach printed a letter to the editor from Carter. In the letter, he explains:

“Community solar projects are taking the country by storm. They can be cheaper than rooftop programs for customers – Santee Cooper’s is – ... Continue Reading >>

Festivals and fish lifts in Santee Cooper Country

March 30, 2016   By Willard Strong in Santee Cooper Lakes

Springtime means more festivals (and fishing) around the Santee Cooper Lakes. (Photo by Jim Huff/Santee Cooper)

Ahh, spring. It's a great time to get out and enjoy the many festivals found in Santee Cooper Country.

You have your chance this weekend when the 25th annual St. Stephen Catfish Festival gets underway on April 1-3. Santee Cooper provides electrical service to St. Stephen, and the Catfish Festival is a Green Power event , meaning all the festival's power needs will be served by renewable energy from landfill gas generation, solar power and wind power.

Festival organizer Johnny Broome says this year's event features local entertainment, door prizes and "even helicopter rides along with our amusement rides." The festival is held at Alice Park, and it opens Friday at 4 p.m. and runs until 10:30 p.m. At 6:30 p.m. the Nu Attitude band takes the festival's main stage.

On Saturday, the festival opens at 9 a.m. with puppets, dancers, a Michael Jackson tribute at 4 p.m. and the catfish stew judging. Catfish stew will be sold beginning at 5:20 p.m. Be... Continue Reading >>

Santee Cooper continues to reduce carbon emissions

March 23, 2016   By Jay Hudson in Energy Matters
On Feb. 9, a divided U.S. Supreme Court took extraordinary action to indefinitely stay the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan (CPP). This happened after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit denied a request to stay the rule. A 29-state coalition appealed to the Supreme Court, and in an unprecedented move the justices voted 5-4 to order the Obama administration to hold off on implementing the CPP until its legal challenges play out in court.

The regulation, which targets a nationwide reduction in carbon emissions from the power sector, will be on hold until the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit reviews the plan and any subsequent Supreme Court appeals are over. A hearing at the D.C. Circuit is set for June 2.

Some experts believe that EPA's comments on the Mercury Air Toxics Rule , which was remanded last summer by the Supreme Court for the agency's lack of consideration of compliance costs, may have a... Continue Reading >>