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Beat the Heat on the Cheap

July 01, 2015   By Jessica Yourko in Reduce The Use
I keep talking about the heat, but when my weather app tells me every morning that the high temp for the day is going to be "FIRE," it makes it a little difficult to talk about anything else.

In February, I promised if winter would ever end I would never complain again. But it feels like the Earth has stopped rotating with South Carolina facing the sun, and we are inching closer and closer to it every single day.

Check with my husband and he will tell you our house goes on lockdown in summer. Our blinds are tightly closed, and our blackout curtains are drawn to keep the sun and its heat outside. Our ceiling fans rotate on full speed while we're home, and everyone in the house has been commanded to keep the lights off.

Because using the stove generates more heat, we use the grill as often as we can. I use the slow cooker for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I do break my own rules and turn on the stove, it's in... Continue Reading >>

Summer Energy Savings Are No Sweat

June 24, 2015   By Susan Mungo in Reduce The Use
Get a bunch of Southern women together in the summer, and they will eventually get around to talking about how dang hot and humid it is!

My friends and family are a perfect example: I had some of them over this weekend for dinner, and as we sat inside enjoying our meal we talked about how nice it would've been to enjoy it on the patio. But it was just too dang hot!

After supper, I got up to turn on the ceiling fan rather than lowering the thermostat. One of my friends told us she ran her fan all of the time, but I suggested it was better to turn it off when the room was empty because the fan only cools our skin and not the room. She was surprised to hear she'd been wasting energy.

This sparked a conversation about other ways to stay cool and save energy during these hot summer months. Other ideas we discussed were cooking meals on the grill, like we had done that evening. Grilling keeps the heat out of the kitchen and the house. Someone el... Continue Reading >>

Sea turtles are on the move

June 17, 2015   By Benjamin Ollic, Student Intern in Environmental Stewardship
It's summer, finally. After countless hours of schoolwork and late-night cram sessions, summer has officially begun for my fellow college students. Now we can spend our time staying up late (and not studying) and sleeping in. For myself, I'll be taking every chance I can to unwind at the beach.

The South Carolina coast may be a source of relaxation to many of us, but the loggerhead sea turtle sees it as essential to its survival. Every year from May 1 to Oct. 31, female loggerheads emerge from the ocean waves to create nests for their eggs.

Loggerhead nesting season coincides with peak tourist season at South Carolina's beaches — a time when vacationers flock to the coast and its many rental properties. What can be paradise for vacationers can be perilous for loggerhead hatchlings whose natural instinct is to head for the strongest source of light in the night sky. They are expecting the moon lead them to the ocean, but sometimes they are lead astr... Continue Reading >>

"Valkommen, y'all"

June 10, 2015   By Willard Strong in Economic Development
I distinctly remember the first time I rode in a Volvo, and thinking how exotic it seemed.

It was 1972 when I was 17, working on a presidential election campaign from an abandoned storefront in my hometown. Every week for about a month or so, a man named Jeff would come from out of town and check up on how us volunteers were doing with our grassroots campaigning.

Jeff drove a dark green Volvo four door, a 144 model I think. It was one of the first Volvos I remember. I rode in it one time and knew it was a pretty rare ride for a small South Carolina town. And I knew it was made in Sweden, a faraway place across the Atlantic. It had a four-speed manual transmission and was boxy, of course, as all Volvos were back then.

Except for the one Leonard drove to school. Leonard was the local banker's son and a year younger than I. He and his sister, Marge, often drove into the student parking in a red Volvo P1800 , a late 1960s model. It reminded me... Continue Reading >>

Hurricane season is here

June 03, 2015   By Kevin F. Langston in Storms and Outages
The Atlantic hurricane season began on Monday, June 1, and goes through Monday, Nov. 30. Although this season got off to an early start with Tropical Storm Ana , activity typically peaks between mid-August and late October.

Hurricane season is an especially tense time of year for us and other electric utilities, because hurricanes and other tropical cyclones can have devastating effects on our power-delivery systems.

Santee Cooper's retail service area in Berkeley, Georgetown, and Horry counties is prone to tropical cyclones. With the annual arrival of hurricane season, we meticulously evaluate our emergency plans to make sure we're prepared for any major weather events that could impact our system. Winds from even the weakest of hurricanes are capable of producing widespread power outages.

When severe weather like a tropical cyclone — or, more recently, a winter storm — threatens our service area, we activate a range of emerg... Continue Reading >>

You talk ... we listen

May 27, 2015   By Susan Mungo in Customer Care
I have always heard that opinions are like belly buttons in that everybody's got one. Lately it seems that I've been seeing a lot of signs, funny pictures on social media, and even inspirational posters that remind us that other people's opinions about us should not matter. One saying I've heard is, "Another person's opinion of you is their problem, not yours."

We feel a little differently about other people's opinions at Santee Cooper, especially those of our customers.

In fact, we actually want to know what you think! We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we do business and what you would like to see us do differently. So, in an effort to find an easy way for you to share your ideas and opinions with us, we have launched Power Panel . If you are one of our residential customers, you can opt in to become a member of Power Panel where we'll ask you to take the occasional survey and share your thoughts and opinions with us. It's just that si... Continue Reading >>