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Reflections of Hurricane Matthew

October 19, 2016   By Susan Mungo in Community

Santee Cooper crews and crews from out-of-state worked relentlessly to restore power in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew that struck The heart of Santee Cooper’s service territory on Oct. 8.

As I sat in my office on Oct. 7 watching Hurricane Matthew do the “wobble”, I had no idea how much life would change for some that weekend. Today, power has been restored to all of our customers who can receive power and life has resumed some sense of normalcy. But for some, everything changed. In fact I think it is safe to say Hurricane Matthew left a mark on the people of South Carolina.

By Saturday afternoon, it appeared Gov. Haley and “Team South Carolina” had made a brilliant decision to evacuate the coastal areas of South Carolina. Instead of taking a projected big right turn, Matthew kept a straighter line and seemed to pound the coastal regions of South Carolina for hours. The storm, along with a high tide, chewed away at the sand dunes and piers along our beaches. The high winds and flooding rains hit the state hard. For Santee Cooper alone, 137,000 of our 178,000 customers were in the dark.

By Sunday morning , Santee... Continue Reading >>

Don’t fall for fraud calls

September 28, 2016   By Jessica Yourko in Customer Care

If you happen to receive a call and feel pressured, hang up and call one of our Customer Care representatives at 1-800-804-7424.

Does your phone ring day and night with numbers you don’t recognize? Mine does!

I will go ahead and admit it: I am a serial phone number screener. If I don’t recognize your number or if I am busy working, I am going to let the call go to voice mail.

Nine times out of 10, the caller doesn’t leave a message and when I do a quick Google search of the number, it indicates that the scammers are hard at work.

What are they looking for? Usually it’s money or some other personal identifying information they can use for financial gain.

Don’t fall for this scam

Recently, some of our customers have narrowly missed becoming victims to these types of predators.

Customers have received calls where the caller states they are with Santee Cooper and if a certain dollar amount is not paid within an hour, the recipient’s power will be interrupted. While some say the call sounds... Continue Reading >>

A Year of Caring

September 21, 2016   By Nicole Aiello in

Mike Poston, Santee Cooper vice president of Retail Operations, volunteered to paint during the United Way of Horry County’s Day of Caring held Sept. 9.

There are times when we all feel there should be more unity in our communities. Coming together to help those in need is a sure way to stand united, and employees at Santee Cooper recently united in the goal of helping our community.

Whether they’re donating their time, talents or hard-earned money, our team members put others first, and that was evident at this year’s Day of Caring for United Way of Horry County .

Each year, many of the United Way chapters nationwide organize one day of improvement projects that pull their community together. For United Way of Horry County, that took place on Sept. 9, and Santee Cooper employees were not afraid to get a little dirty as they scraped, painted and planted.

Sixty employees took part in the Day of Caring, which benefits organizations assisted by the United Way of Horry County. Santee Cooper employees volunteered at Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach, Community Kitchen and New Directions... Continue Reading >>

Beneficial use of Fly Ash: An environmental win for water, CO2 and energy savings

September 14, 2016   By Susan Jackson in Power Delivery

Reclaiming coal ash at Santee Cooper’s now retired Grainger Generating Station site.

Coal combustion products (CCP) are the minerals that remain once coal is burned to generate electricity.

Fly ash, one of the largest groups of CCPs, is a fine powdery material that years ago would “fly” out of a power plant’s stacks. Today’s power plants collect more than 99.99 percent of the fly ash. Fly ash can be used as mineral filler in paints and shingles. It can also be used to make stuccos and mortars and even bowling balls. The largest application is for the production of concrete.

Santee Cooper has a long history of beneficial use of CCPs. In 2005, fly ash from Santee Cooper’s Winyah Generating Station was to make concrete for building Charleston’s Ravenel Bridge in Charleston.

The beneficial use of ash is a great way to reduce landfill disposals and to remove ash from ash ponds. Santee Cooper has recycled more than 325,000 tons of fly ash from Cross Generating Station in 2015 and... Continue Reading >>

Get out on the lakes this fall

September 07, 2016   By Willard Strong in

A sailboat plies the blue waters of Lake Marion on a recent September afternoon.

The Santee Cooper Lakes, Marion and Moultrie, are South Carolina’s largest freshwater resource when you combine the acreage of the two reservoirs, which are connected by the Diversion Canal.

One thing I heard this summer, particularly during the brutal July was, “it’s just too hot to get out on the water.” Well, good-bye Tropical Storm Hermine and hello autumn! After she blew through with a little wind, lots of rain and a few scattered power outages, fall seemed to arrive a little early last Saturday morning.

Temperatures were in the low 60s around the lakes and the humidity was way down. It felt so good, warming up to the mid-80s by early afternoon. The water is still plenty warm enough for swimming, tubing or any kind of water sports. I still don’t understand how this thing they call a “noodle” is useful in any way in a lake or swimming pool. But I digress.

The secret is, the next 30 to 45 days... Continue Reading >>

Portable generator safety a must for successful use

August 31, 2016   By Willard Strong in

Portable generator safety tips

All these storms forming off the coast of faraway lands, and even closer to our shores are making me quite nervous as we are now facing the heart of hurricane season.

Just the prospect of a tropical storm or hurricane lurking about can prey on your mind. It’s time to plan. One thing that appeals to many people is the purchase of a portable gasoline generator to run the refrigerator, lights and a flatscreen TV while power is being restored.

A portable generator can cost from several hundred dollars to a thousand or more. But like any internal combustion engine that burns a flammable liquid and emits potentially deadly carbon monoxide, safety is paramount. The National Safety Council offers the following safety safety tips. No. 9 is especially close to our heart at Santee Cooper.

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions. Never use a generator inside your home, garage, crawl space or other enclosed... Continue Reading >>