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Brewing Up New Ideas to Save the Environment

June 28, 2017   By Aaron Grant, Summer Intern in Environmental Stewardship

Companies are looking for innovative ways to help the environment, like replacing these plastic can holders with biodegradable ones.

With more and more knowledge of our impact on the environment emerging to the surface every day, it is becoming increasingly evident that steps need to be taken in the direction of environmental friendliness.  

When the general population is first being exposed to ways in which they can improve the environment, they are bombarded with the cliché phrase “DO NOT LITTER!” But the fact of the matter is, no matter the extent to which one tries to avoid littering, some garbage will always find its way into our environment, one way or another.

Now let’s not get our grocery bags in a wad here. Litter can and will be drastically decreased with the committed efforts of the population. But for the hopeless trash that is already lost at sea, it is companies like the Saltwater Brewery Company that are making a difference.

Cracking a cold one has never been more environmentally friendly. This crafty beer company has just come up with a very clever invention that will save the lives of many marine animals: a 100% biodegradable six-pack holder.

According to the Huffington Post, these biodegradable six-pack rings are made in the brewing process of the tasty Florida beer. The rings are created from barley and wheat, thus making them not only biodegradable but also edible to every species that roams the sea.

With plastic being the most common type of litter that finds its way into the deep blue and is found in nearly 90 percent of all dead seabirds found by marine biologists, innovation like that is impressive and imperative.

Santee Cooper is also being crafty and innovative in the environmental arena. We are digging up and trucking the ash in our generating stations’ ash ponds to companies who use it to make concrete and cement. In 2016, we reclaimed 621,678 tons of ash for beneficial use and our goal this year is to beneficially use 650,000 tons of ash.

I love the idea of innovation like this. Have you seen other innovative changes companies have made to protect our environment? We’d love to hear about them.