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The Louvre, Overton Beach Park and the Curtain of Regularity

June 07, 2018   By Aaron Grant, Summer Intern in Santee Cooper Lakes
The late author Aldous Huxley, best known for “Brave New World,” once said, “Most humans beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”

After living in Moncks Corner for the first 21 years of my life, I have recently come to the conclusion that he is correct. I have become disengaged with some of the valuable components of my life. 

Growing up in a small town that has a lot to offer can be compared to being born and raised in the Louvre (you know, the famous art museum in Paris in which the Mona Lisa is housed, staring into a constant sea of camera lenses and tourists). 

Throughout the first few years of Louvre life, you’d remain in a constant state of bewilderment and awe, venturing its every inch, standing in front of some pieces for countless hours in order to admire their magnificence. But as the years pass, the masterpieces are draped with a curtain of regularity,... Continue Reading >>

Brewing Up New Ideas to Save the Environment

June 28, 2017   By Aaron Grant, Summer Intern in Environmental Stewardship

Companies are looking for innovative ways to help the environment, like replacing these plastic can holders with biodegradable ones.

With more and more knowledge of our impact on the environment emerging to the surface every day, it is becoming increasingly evident that steps need to be taken in the direction of environmental friendliness.  

When the general population is first being exposed to ways in which they can improve the environment, they are bombarded with the cliché phrase “DO NOT LITTER!” But the fact of the matter is, no matter the extent to which one tries to avoid littering, some garbage will always find its way into our environment, one way or another.

Now let’s not get our grocery bags in a wad here. Litter can and will be drastically decreased with the committed efforts of the population. But for the hopeless trash that is already lost at sea, it is companies like the Saltwater Brewery Company that are making a difference.

Cracking a cold one has never been more environmentally friendly. This crafty beer company has... Continue Reading >>

Overton Beach Park is a summer favorite place to cool off

June 02, 2017   By Aaron Grant, Summer Intern in Santee Cooper Lakes

Overton Beach Park on Lake Moultrie features a 400-foot long beachfront.

Now that summer is finally upon us (OK, not officially until June 21, but close enough!) it is our responsibility to go out and enjoy it!

I mean, what is there not to enjoy? The heat index can look more like an Area Code than a temperature forecast. The air can be so thick that you can practically take a bite out of it and a simple walk back to your car can lead to a minor heat stroke.

I suppose that is a rather cynical way of looking at the current season that we will soon cooking in…I mean experiencing.

I’ve just never really been one to cope well with the extreme heat that South Carolina so generously forces down on me.

But as the laws of the universe state, with every negative there comes a positive. Thus, with every 100 degree summer day, there is a refreshing body of water waiting for you to dive into. That refreshing body of water is Lake Moultrie and you can take a dip at the 400-foot waterfront that makes... Continue Reading >>

Santee Cooper's Secret Agent

June 22, 2016   By Aaron Grant, Summer Intern in Environmental Stewardship
I will never forget the day I discovered my father’s true profession.

Growing up as a child who loved the game of baseball, my father and I would often play catch in the front yard. Sometimes he would be the catcher as I practiced pitching and sometimes he would roll me ground balls and throw me pop flies.

One day during the middle of one of our workouts, he randomly stopped what he was doing and looked down at one of his legs. He then gently yet promptly raised his glove hand just before slamming it hard against his leg. “Got ‘em!” he yelled as he pealed the now flattened mosquito carcass from his 1995 Rawlings Paul O’Neill Edition glove.

“Ahh, Aedes Albopictus, ” he said, examining the pest inches away from his eyes. He then looked at me and said, “This here is one of the most common mosquitos in the area and they primarily bite people around the ankle and calf area.”
Continue Reading >>