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More than milk and bread

January 27, 2016   By Jessica Yourko in Customer Care

Recent winters have brought severe winter weather to South Carolina, and it's just as important to plan for these events as you would for a hurricane. (Photo by Jim Huff)

Last Saturday morning, I awoke to Winter Storm Jonas: a dreary sky, some pretty cold temperatures and a light dusting of snow on my back deck. By 10 a.m., it was all gone and our life was back to normal. Further up the East Coast, our neighbors to the north weren't quite as lucky.

While we don't typically see this type of winter weather, you just never know when our luck may run out.

Severe winter weather usually comes with strong winds, freezing rain, and dangerously low temperatures. It is critical to be prepared and have a plan before a storm like this strikes.

Are you ready? What would you do? Keep these tips in mind when preparing for winter weather:


  • Prepare an emergency kit to include a 3-day supply of water and food for each person
  • Assemble a First Aid kit
  • Gather all medications (at least a 7-day supply)
  • Check/charge flashlight and radio batteries
  • Charge all mobile devices
  • Have extra cash handy


  • Avoid using candles
  • Check on friends, family, neighbors and the homeless
  • Go to a warming shelter if your home doesn't have adequate heat
  • Follow all instructions for your generator
  • Bring animals in from the cold


  • Throw out unsafe food
  • Check for damage to your home and property

For additional tips on how to be prepared in the unlikely event of a winter storm, check out this American Red Cross checklist.

If your power should go out, check the inside breakers to see if any have tripped. See if your outside main disconnect under your meter is off. Check with neighbors to see if they have power. Finally, visit us at the Santee Cooper Storm Center or call us at 1-888-769-7688 to report your outage.