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Fall Prep Winter Ready

October 25, 2017   By Jessica Yourko in Energy Matters

Energy “vampires” won’t be lurking about just around Halloween. They’re year-round energy stealers. Prevent them by unplugging appliances not in use.

It’s that time, the time when everything smells like pumpkin spice and when the weather seems to be having an identity crisis.

Just last week, I needed my a/c when I crawled into bed and my heat to crawl back out.

Talk about confusing. My kids don’t know whether to wear sweaters and boots to school or T-shirts and sandals. All I can say is welcome to our kind of fall.

As much as I complain about fall, it does have a good side though. It is a dress rehearsal for the next season.  It gives us a chance make sure we are ready for old man winter. Here are a few fall tips to get you ready:

  1. Check for leaks and cracks around doors and windows.  Frosty fall mornings make drafty areas easier to spot.
  2. Replace old weather-stripping around doors.
  3. In the mornings, open your curtains and let the sun shine in. Warm your home without having to turn up the heat.
  4. During the day, raise the windows and feel the breeze.  Keep your home cool naturally.
  5. Turn down your hot water heater. Temperature settings of 120 degrees or lower should provide adequate hot water and help save on your electricity bill.
  6. Unplug energy vampires. Appliances and devices plugged in though not in use, still drain energy.
  7. Replace your air filters every 30 days. 
  8. Position your furniture for optimal comfort. Avoid blocking your air vents. Check your curtains to be sure they aren’t covering your returns. 
  9. Turn off lights and televisions in empty rooms. 
  10. Have your heat pump checked to be sure it is in good working order and ready for what lies ahead.

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