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Go fly a kite

May 11, 2017   By Jessica Yourko in Safety

Kite safety is important for everyone, kids and adults alike.

Over the last couple of weeks, the wind seems to have unleashed its potential on us just about every single day.  You would think I would have been prepared for this phenomenon and I would have rushed my children outside to partake in a hobby dating back long before there were even power lines around:  kite flying.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get windy around here often. Unless we are in the middle of a hurricane or a fast moving afternoon storm, all is pretty calm.

I don’t own a kite. I know for a fact. I looked.

I am not even sure if I have ever even bought one for my children.

There is almost nothing worse than picking out the perfect kite, unwrapping it and then waiting on the wind to take it away.  And waiting…and waiting…and waiting.  

However, just in case this wind keeps up, I have already made plans to take my children shopping for their very first kite later this week.

While kite flying will certainly be fun and a chance for us to make some memories, remember these safety tips to make sure you and yours stay safe as well:

  • Fly kites in open areas away from overhead power lines, trees and other obstacles.
  • Never ever fly a kite in an electrical storm.  Kites should only be used in dry weather.
  • Avoid flying kites made with metallic wires or parts.  Only cotton, nylon or a linen string should be used.
  • Ensure the kite stays completely dry while you are using it.
  • Never attempt to remove your kite after it has been tangled in a power line.

If your kite should be entangled in a power line or ends up inside an electrical facility, call Santee Cooper at 1-800-804-7424 to report the incident immediately.

Now…Let’s go fly a kite!