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Happy New Year! Let’s make some resolutions!

January 04, 2017   By Jessica Yourko in Energy Matters

Changing your heat pump’s air filter before it gets too clogged keeps your unit working efficiently and just as importantly, keeps more of your energy dollars in your pocket. Follow product instructions on when to install a new one.

In the past, I was one of those people who resolved to live off nuts and berries and work out in the gym 23 hours a day. I had plans to make a million dollars in 12 months, all while being less stressed and creating an abundance of free time. Unfortunately, none of those things ever came to pass.

In all honesty, I was just lucky to keep the kids alive.

According to Forbes online, only about 8 percent of the entire “resolutions making population” achieve what they set out to do. I know. I get it. Resolutions are hard to keep. But they don’t have to be.

Instead of creating a list of resolutions that will end up in the recycle bin, I am choosing to focus on a word: home. We recently moved and there are so many projects around our home that I need to tackle to make it more energy efficient. Here are just a few:

  1. Replacing the caulking around the windows to keep more of the heat in and less of the cold out.
  2. Installing a few more ceiling fans to force heated air down from the ceiling.
  3. Upgrading our thermostat to a newer digital model that can help regulate the temps better and lower our energy bill.
  4. Changing incandescent bulbs to LEDs.
  5. Checking our air filters to see if they need to be replaced each time we receive our electric bill.

I’m also resolving to take advantage of Santee Cooper’s auto draft billing program so I won’t have to worry about my payment ever being late again. No envelope. No stamps. No time. No problem.

For more information on ways you can resolve to save energy this NEW YEAR or to inquire on easy ways to pay, visit us at