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Keep the mail moving

August 12, 2015   By Jessica Yourko in
The lights are on. Everyone is home. The only thing that is missing is…the mail.

Growing up in Small Town, USA, no one ever moved. Your first home was your only home until your parents lovingly encouraged you to spread your wings somewhere else. 

Today, things are different. For nearly 18 years I lived in the same house. It was my home. Since then, I have semi-successfully moved at least five times, and I have another U-Haul lined up for a weekend in the near future.

The mere thought of packing my house makes me anxious. Having the best moving list (found on Pinterest) doesn’t even begin to alleviate the fear I have about the impending chaos. Inevitably, I always forget to do something.

Updating my mailing address isn’t even on my radar, and I don't think I'm alone. Judging by the trays of returned mail we receive at Santee Cooper each week, a lot of other folks forget to do the same thing. Continue Reading >>

Beat the Heat on the Cheap

July 01, 2015   By Jessica Yourko in Reduce The Use
I keep talking about the heat, but when my weather app tells me every morning that the high temp for the day is going to be "FIRE," it makes it a little difficult to talk about anything else.

In February, I promised if winter would ever end I would never complain again. But it feels like the Earth has stopped rotating with South Carolina facing the sun, and we are inching closer and closer to it every single day.

Check with my husband and he will tell you our house goes on lockdown in summer. Our blinds are tightly closed, and our blackout curtains are drawn to keep the sun and its heat outside. Our ceiling fans rotate on full speed while we're home, and everyone in the house has been commanded to keep the lights off.

Because using the stove generates more heat, we use the grill as often as we can. I use the slow cooker for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I do break my own rules and turn on the stove,... Continue Reading >>

A Lesson in Observing

May 20, 2015   By Jessica Yourko in Community
School is starting to wind down, and traffic along the Grand Strand is starting to pick up. The temperature has hovered in the mid-80s for the last few weeks, and those heat pumps are humming all over. While it's not quite time for our family vacation, it's obvious that summer is on its way.

Next Monday, all the fun begins: Next Monday is Memorial Day.

Living in Myrtle Beach my entire life, Memorial Day has always signified the unofficial start to summer. Scores of visitors will begin to roll in, and our highways and hotels will be packed from now through Labor Day. Traffic will be unbearable, and most locals will just decide to stay home.

Memorial Day, formally known as Decoration Day, began after the American Civil War to honor Union and Confederate soldiers who died in service. After World War I, this holiday was expanded to include all American casualties of war or other military action.

In May 2000, President Bill... Continue Reading >>

Feeling renewed

April 08, 2015   By Jessica Yourko in Green Power
Instead of a big family gathering last weekend with tons of casseroles, decadent desserts and millions of dyed eggs, we did things a little differently. Without much encouragement, my family agreed to spend the entire day on my husband's family farm just getting back to our roots.

We played in the dirt, fished in the pond and were chased by the chickens. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, the flowers were blooming, and the bees were humming everywhere. I guess you could say it was a storybook kind of day.

Luckily, several baby goats made their grand appearance just before we arrived. Seeing the full circle of life — watching the new kids waiting for their mother to feed them, the new moms dutifully standing guard over their offspring and the older goats grazing in the field — made me think about how important caring for our natural habitat really is.

Like moms of all species trying to protect their young, Santee Cooper... Continue Reading >>

Happy Anniversary to Me

February 25, 2015   By Jessica Yourko in Customer Care
On the fifth day of February 2001, I walked into a Santee Cooper retail office for the first time as an employee. As excited as I was to begin a new journey, I was scared to death of the challenges that I might face. Learning a new computer system, finding my way around, and educating myself on all of the volumes of policies and procedures were just some of things I feared most.

Over the years my position has changed, and it is only rarely that I find myself back where I started. Truth be told, the thing I miss the most is the people, the customers … YOU! I miss building relationships, hearing how your families are doing and just sharing a simple "hello." I just miss serving our customers face to face.

While times are changing and more and more of our customers want to do business with us over the phone or online, Santee Cooper still provides walk-in locations for those of you who still like to see a friendly face.

Spread across... Continue Reading >>

It’s Time for a Check-Up!

January 22, 2015   By Jessica Yourko in Reduce The Use
I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe that January 2015 is almost over.  Spring is a month closer, which is a good thing; however, the list of resolutions I spent days crafting at the beginning of the month is still just a list of awesome ideas on a little piece of paper. 

My health is important to me and even though I haven’t made much headway with my resolution list, I have made it a priority to schedule all of my dreaded yearly medical check-ups this week.  How will I know where I need to get if I don’t know where I am? 

Just as we use medical check-ups to assess our physical and mental status, our homes need check-ups, too.  Efficiency check-ups are a great way to see if our homes are in need of any improvements. 

The first step in addressing our homes’ efficiency and comfort levels is to take an online energy check-up.  This check-up is free and easy and can... Continue Reading >>