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Giddy-up for the Santee Cooper Lineworker's Rodeo

April 22, 2015   By Kevin F. Langston in Safety

The Santee Cooper Lineworker’s Rodeo returns for its 18th year this Saturday at Old Santee Canal Park in Moncks Corner. The public is invited to attend and cheer on these professionals as they tackle a series of challenges designed to test their skills and training.

Bragging rights are on the line, of course, but the rodeo also underscores the importance of safety and teamwork in a profession that can be dangerous and demanding.

Few things breed camaraderie like a friendly competition, and that's something else the rodeo reinforces. This year, there are 34 apprentices and nine journeyman teams registered to participate. Santee Cooper will compete alongside the electric co-ops of Berkeley, Blue Ridge, Coastal, Horry, Palmetto and York.

The individual apprentices will complete a written test and also compete in knot tying, the hurt-man rescue, the conductor tie-in, and the transformer hookup. Meanwhile, the three-person journeyman teams will square off in knot tying, the insulator change, the cutout change-out, the cross-arm change-out, and the hurt-man rescue. The events' names might not translate to the layperson, but these are among the myriad skills lineworkers call upon each day.

The Santee Cooper Lineworker's Rodeo is also an opportunity for family, friends, and co-workers to support the people who need to be at their best when things are at their worst. In addition to the competition, the rodeo offers activities for the entire family.

Vendors will be present to showcase some of the latest products and services designed to improve the safety and efficiency of line work, and Relay for Life teams will be selling food and beverages with proceeds benefitting the American Cancer Society.

The Santee Cooper Lineworker's Rodeo is free and gets underway at 8 a.m. with a reverent raising of the American flag. More information can be found at, and we hope to see you there.