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Meet a Santee Cooper intern

June 07, 2016   By Nicholas DeSanto, Summer Intern in Education

Nick DeSanto is an intern in Santee Cooper’s Corporate Communications department.

My name is Nicholas DeSanto, and I am an Intern in the Corporate Communications department at Santee Cooper, and a rising senior film major at the Art Institute of Charleston.

In my major, I am specializing in cinematography and getting a background in sports broadcasting, and this first blog I have ever done.

This is my second summer working at Santee Cooper and I can say without reservation that I have learned and seen so much. Last year, I worked very closely with the Santee Cooper Environmental Intern program. That was a significant year because was a celebration of its 25th year and yes, participants are college students like me.

As a video intern, I was able to follow the Environmental Interns around to various working sites around the company. I experienced a lot of different and interesting aspects of Santee Cooper and saw things I would never have guessed that I would see in my lifetime.

I went up to the top of a stack at the Winyah Generating Station in Georgetown with the Air and Water Quality department to do some testing on the air quality.

I rode a motorboat down the Santee River, testing water samples for water quality with the Environmental Resources area. I got to join the Property Management department with their stand inventory to sample the value and age of trees on Santee Cooper property. I also learned that there is a department called Vector Management that sprays for mosquitos, sends samples to the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, and generally keeps track of the mosquitos around the Santee Cooper Lakes. 

During my time with the Environmental Interns, it was inspiring and exciting to see how 12 different college students who came from multiple schools statewide all came together with the motive of making the Earth a better place. 

Throughout the intern’s rotations, it was amazing to see how dedicated the employees of Santee Cooper were to doing the best job that they could. They were well educated and so concerned about going about their jobs the safest way possible. 

Santee Cooper should be proud of its Environmental Interns, and the hard working men and women who mentor them.