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Solar is happening all around us

July 26, 2016   By Nicholas DeSanto, Summer Intern in

Colleton Solar Farm

I went on a family vacation to Maryland recently. We had a wonderful time in the mountains, meeting my girlfriend’s family and going to a wedding.

Among the favorite things I saw on my trip was the amount of solar panels that were in fields next to houses. I was pleased to see that so many farmers and just regular people are interested in putting solar panels on or by their homes in an effort to be ‘greener.’

Solar is an idea that really gets me excited. Using the sun for energy, which is available to all, is such a great idea. I hope we can move even further into advancing solar power technologically.

Santee Cooper has taken a step forward with Solar Share, their community solar program, which also happens to be the first of its kind in South Carolina. With Solar Share, Santee Cooper customers can subscribe to a portion of energy produced at the Colleton Solar Farm and get energy that the panels have created.                                                         

Santee Cooper has a few solar installations around the state. I was lucky enough to be able to visit the solar farm in Colleton County. Solar technology has advanced further than I imagined. Most solar panels are stationary and face only one direction, but at the Colleton Solar Farm, there are panels that move with the sun. They get the maximum amount of solar energy throughout the day because they track the sun’s progress.

The Colleton Solar Farm has generated 11,999.11 megawatt-hours to date. The stats can be viewed in real time by clicking here

After I graduate from college, solar power is something I would like to pursue and be a part of. Someday, I'd even like to have solar panels on my house. Before that happens, Santee Cooper’s Solar Share program would be good way to start.

If you’re a Santee Cooper customer and would like more information on Solar Share or Santee Cooper’s rooftop solar programs, visit or email us at