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Rain or shine and summertime

June 21, 2017   By Raechel Blitchington, Summer Intern in Storms and Outages

Summer in the South is characterized by long, warm days spent on the boat or beach, followed by slightly cooler summer nights that are calm and peaceful.

However, most summer dreamers seem to always forget the inevitable, torrential downpour of scattered thunderstorms that can become a routine occurrence. As a self-proclaimed lover of summer, I spend three-quarters each year dreaming about the warm and sunny summer days to come – or the ones that have just passed.

Despite having experienced 21 summer solstices, I, too, fail to forget the showers that can rain on any summer parade. Most days pose an ambiguous threat of a “30 to 60 percent chance of afternoon scattered thunderstorms.”

Also known as, maybe it will rain, maybe it won’t. When Mother Nature does decide to open the skies, dark, cumulonimbus clouds will begin to form and gather, casting a hazy shadow on what was previously a bright, sunshiny day. In the South, there’s no denying a storm once it arrives as the humidity thickens and temperatures rise.

It is possible a storm ends as quickly and unpredictably as it begins, serving as a brief interlude during a normal summer day. Or, the storm could brew warm, slow and gentle, like a pot of coffee, and last throughout the day and into the night.

Summer storms often wreak havoc on Santee Cooper’s electrical system. Lightning is a perfect example. In order to stay safe, get out of harm’s way when you hear thunder or see lightning. That means getting off or out of the water and inside when boating or swimming at the lake or beach. If the electricity does go off, rest assured Santee Cooper will work quickly and safely to restore power.

Accepting the fate of summer and weathering the storm is a reality we are all forced to face – myself in particular. For me, summer is always too short and sweet, making each day more valuable than the next. Instead of begrudging the storms for their untimely arrival, seek solace in the showers. By taking the time to stay safe and enjoy the calming, pitter-patter of rain, frequent rumble of thunder and the freshness in the air afterward, summer will be the best time of the year – rain or shine.