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“Back to School” Zone Safety, Energy Educators and Overton Beach Park

July 26, 2017   By Raechel Blitchington, Summer Intern in Education

Watch out for children soon. School will be back in session next month as summer is winding down.

As though it traveled at the speed of light, summer is somehow already coming to a close.

With a few weeks left of summer vacation, Santee Cooper families are beginning to prepare for going back to school. From stocking up on binders to finding the perfect outfit for the first day, it’s time to trade beach bags for book bags.

A summer fun reminder: Santee Cooper’s Overton Beach Park on Lake Moultrie will have an abbreviated schedule this season, and its last day is Sunday, Aug. 13. This is due to a lack of lifeguards for the remainder of the summer, and many are college students.

School begins on Aug. 17 in Berkeley County, Aug. 22 in Georgetown County and Aug. 23 in Horry County. With school back in session, everyday life seems to get more hectic. The roads are busier, the crosswalks are full and school-zone speeds sneak up on even the most cautious driver. To make sure you and your kids stay safe as the transition from summer... Continue Reading >>

Rain or shine and summertime

June 21, 2017   By Raechel Blitchington, Summer Intern in Storms and Outages
Summer in the South is characterized by long, warm days spent on the boat or beach, followed by slightly cooler summer nights that are calm and peaceful.

However, most summer dreamers seem to always forget the inevitable, torrential downpour of scattered thunderstorms that can become a routine occurrence. As a self-proclaimed lover of summer, I spend three-quarters each year dreaming about the warm and sunny summer days to come – or the ones that have just passed.

Despite having experienced 21 summer solstices, I, too, fail to forget the showers that can rain on any summer parade. Most days pose an ambiguous threat of a “30 to 60 percent chance of afternoon scattered thunderstorms.”

Also known as, maybe it will rain, maybe it won’t. When Mother Nature does decide to open the skies, dark, cumulonimbus clouds will begin to form and gather, casting a hazy shadow on what was previously a bright, sunshiny day. In the... Continue Reading >>

Take the time to unplug this summer

May 24, 2017   By Raechel Blitchington, Summer Intern in Reduce The Use

Does this look like an “energy vampire” to you? If you leave it plugged in after charging your device, it is. For example, only 5 percent of the power drawn by cellphone chargers are actually used to charge phones. The other 95 percent is wasted when you leave it plugged into the wall, but not into your phone. What do to? Unplug your charger when you are not using it or plug everything on a power strip and turn the switch off.

Summer is almost upon us. The weather is warmer, the days are longer and the feeling of summer freedom is within reach. There is no season better suited for de-stress and distraction, so plan your vacations, sip your boat drink and relax. Or better yet, turn off your brain and unplug your mind.

However, despite the countless joys of summer, there is one shortcoming of the season: higher than normal power bills. When an ice cold sweet tea and a dive into Lake Moultrie can’t cool you down, blasting the air conditioning throughout the long, hot day may seem like the only option.

While cranking the a/c can be unavoidable, there is a simple trick to balance out your electricity bill: unplugging.

Although this time, it’s not about beach days and cocktails. I’m talking about unplugging the unused appliances scattered around your home. Between the toaster, DVR, hair straighter and phone charger, you can accumulate a hefty bill... Continue Reading >>