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A comfortable home may need an ally

March 25, 2015   By Susan Mungo in Reduce The Use

Spring has finally arrived! While I love the idea that summer is just around the corner, I cannot seem to get comfortable. Are you like me and having trouble figuring out what to wear? The mornings and evenings still say sweater or even coat, yet there have been days lately when I have reached for my car's air conditioner.

Our wardrobe may be creating hot and cold issues for us, but did you know this can also be a time when your HVAC system struggles to keep you comfortable?  This can become a serious problem if you have neglected it over the winter.

 Proper maintenance can help keep your system running smoothly so you stay comfortable, no matter the season. Comfort aside, if your system is not running optimally, it can also cost you a pretty penny. The difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%.

As you check off your spring cleaning duties this year, make sure you add these items, recommended by Energy Star, to your list to help your HVAC system run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

• Seal your heating and cooling ducts

• Change your air filter regularly

• Tune up your HVAC equipment yearly

Having your HVAC system tuned up can not only improve the performance of your system, and save you on your energy bill, it can also save you money on repair bills.

If you need an HVAC system tuneup but are not sure where to start, Santee Cooper has a list of Trade Allies who can assist you. These trained technicians can make sure your unit is in top running condition, or recommend any needed maintenance to ensure your system not only breezes through spring, but runs smoothly all year long.