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Being green is easier than ever

January 15, 2015   By Susan Mungo in Green Power
The 3MW Berkeley Landfill Generating Station near Moncks Corner, S.C.

With family holiday gatherings, putting decorations back in storage, and football playoffs, I feel like I have kept the city sanitation department hopping lately. The trash I have gathered from these weeks of events has been crazy. I recycle and have had at least two bins full of recyclables for weeks now. But in addition to that, I have had at least one large "just trash" container each week as well. I feel like I have done more than my share of adding to the local landfill.

I am trying to become a better environmental steward and live a more simple life, but you may not pick up on that judging by my trash pile! However, that goal is made easier because Santee Cooper is using my trash to generate clean, renewable electricity. That may sound like something from a futuristic movie, but the fact is Santee Cooper has been making electricity from trash since 2001.

As landfill waste decomposes it produces methane gas, which can be converted into energy through a process that also reduces greenhouse-gas emissions. Santee Cooper is the only energy provider in South Carolina converting landfill methane gas into clean, homegrown electricity at six Green Power Generating Stations with a combined capacity of 28 megawatts.

This innovative way of taking our garbage and turning it into electricity is Green-e certified. That means it meets strict and specific national consumer and environmental standards. Santee Cooper is doing more than just talking trash when it comes to green power. The Santee Cooper renewable energy portfolio totals 132 MW with a combination of biomass, solar power, and wind power.

Santee Cooper has also gotten the next generation involved in the making of renewable energy with demonstration projects that generate power at 26 Green Power Solar Schools throughout the state in cooperation with the South Carolina Electric Cooperatives.

If living simple seems to have just gotten a little easier for you, let me tell you a way you can go even greener. You can purchase this Green Power from Santee Cooper. This will enable you to really do your part in reducing your impact on the environment. It is an easy and affordable process whether you are an individual homeowner or a business. Click here for additional information or to register. Sign up today, and the trash you tossed yesterday could become the energy you use tomorrow.