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Light Up the Night

October 28, 2015   By Susan Mungo in Customer Care

The streets in your neighborhood may be filled this Saturday night with trick-or-treaters wearing scary, funny and creative costumes. Halloween is actually one of my favorite holidays. I am not sure why; perhaps I still love to play dress up. It seems like many neighborhoods see fewer and fewer costumed kids participating in the trick or treat ritual, but my neighborhood still sees cars full of them and their parents lined up for miles.

I think one reason my neighborhood is such a Halloween favorite is because parents feel it's a safe place to bring their kids. The biggest factor, I believe, is lighting. Not only do we have Santee Cooper rental lights on our street, but homeowners also have additional outdoor lighting on their property.

A well-lit property is often suggested as a way to help keep it secure. It can also add character to your home or community. Santee Cooper can help you light the night and create an attractive and inviting atmosphere that also adds a feeling of security.

Our rental lighting offers the following benefits:

• Affordable monthly payments

• No up-front cost

• No installation hassles

• A variety of styles to fit your neighborhood

• A design engineer to help you determine your needs

We will work with you to personalize a lighting plan just for your property. We also offer this program to new or established developments. We will work with your homeowners association to light the streets as well as public or common areas in your neighborhood.

So, contact us for improved lighting that will benefit you year round. Then you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of a safe and well lit neighborhood in spite of all the ghost and goblins out there.