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Paying it forward

September 16, 2015   By Susan Mungo in Community

Santee Cooper employees in Horry County again stepped up for the United Way of Horry County's annual Day of Caring, held last Friday.

Last Friday, many people attended or participated in ceremonies and tributes in remembrance of those who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001. For so many, it is a day they will never forget and one that changed them, in some way, forever.

For many Santee Cooper employees in Horry County, it was a day they chose to remember the lives lost by paying it forward and doing something good for someone they may never meet. Those employees participated in the 2015 United Way of Horry County's Day of Caring (DOC).

This wasn't Santee Cooper's first year helping with the DOC. In fact, employees have been making a difference for United Way agencies across the state for more than two decades. Some employees pledge donations to United Way and some lend their skills on the Day of Caring. Many employees do both.

This year, Santee Cooper employees worked at South Strand Helping Hand, The Salvation Army of Conway, and the Disabled American Veterans in Myrtle Beach. Teams painted, cleaned, built shelves, changed out lighting and polished floors. They did whatever was needed to allow that agency to continue providing the charitable services to those who come to them for assistance.

As the year moves on, Santee Cooper employees will be pledging their talents and/or money to United Way campaigns and days of caring in areas like Anderson CountyGeorgetown County, and those served by the Trident United Way.

If I were to ask employees why they choose to give to United Way, I would get answers like: "Because I know that in an instant it could be me," or "I feel blessed when I share my resources with those in need," or "Because I know what I give or what I do will impact so many." I know this because Santee Cooper has asked employees why they give and are sharing their responses with coworkers to help illustrate they United Way's goals of helping people in our communities.

Santee Cooper allows their employees the opportunity to give of their talents and abilities to make our communities a better place to live. When I think about it, I know there are many reasons why I give. I also realize I am grateful for the opportunity to work for a company that encourages it.