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Don’t get Scrooged by scammers this holiday season

December 07, 2016   By Susan Mungo in Customer Care

Don’t let a scamming Scrooge get your hard-earned money.

The most wonderful time of the year is now in full swing. People enjoy a spirit of giving that can make peace on earth seem like an attainable goal. There is, however, still the ever-present Scrooge that seems to show up just when you think there is a chance for real goodwill toward men.

Many utility customers are finding that a particular irritating version of Scrooge rears its ugly head in the form of a scam call demanding payment of your electric bill. Very savvy fraudsters can convince you that they are Santee Cooper and that you have to pay your bill immediately, often with a special prepaid card or else your power will be turned off.

If you are a residential customer, we want you to be diligent about verifying anyone trying to get money or personal information from you. And while these scammers do call homeowners, this type of scam typically targets businesses who cannot afford to lose power because of lost revenue. In the moment of frustration, the business owner can easily forget that at Santee Cooper we never use those types of pressure tactics to make you pay your bill and that we never ask for a specific card as payment. Homeowners should be diligent as well.

So if you worry you will get a little flustered and forget that Santee Cooper would not threaten you nor require a specific card, keep this link handy. It has a Santee Cooper phone number you can call to verify your account standing and it offers other tips about how we do business.

Scrooge does not discriminate and holiday scams can hit business and customers in many ways. Here is a link that gives you good guidance and information on how to spot phishing schemes, fake charity requests and other scams that can cause a financial loss.

Be smart and diligent. Give Scrooge and the scam artist the boot this holiday season and keep your wallet and identity safe.