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Your place in the sun

August 24, 2016   By Susan Mungo in Green Energy

The sun can be a source of energy for your home and Santee Cooper offers you opportunities.

While I don’t love the heat and humidity the South is famous for, I do love the sun.

Like country singer Kenny Chesney, I like to say my place in the sun is some beach, somewhere. But the truth is, it doesn’t really matter if I am lying on a beach, paddleboarding on a lake, swimming in the ocean or hanging out by the pool, soaking up the sun just seems to energize me.

Last week I had the opportunity to talk with two Santee Cooper customers who also seem to love the sun and are soaking it up for energy in a way that can actually save them money.

These Santee Cooper customers are taking advantage of Santee Cooper’s solar programs. One customer chose to take advantage of Santee Cooper’s solar home program.

He and his family are currently part-time residents of Myrtle Beach with plans to move here permanently. He said the rooftop program made economic sense to him. He took advantage of the loan program and is now using energy from the sun, to help provide the energy needs for his home.

Another customer decided to purchase solar energy through the Solar Share program. This is a way that Santee Cooper, in a joint venture with the state's electric cooperatives and TIG Sun Energy, has made solar energy available to all of our customers-even those who don’t own their own roof.

Solar Share allows customers to purchase a subscription for a portion of the output of the Colleton Solar Farm and use that solar energy to help offset their energy usage. Rebates help offset the cost of a subscription and customers will see the credits show up monthly on their bill.

Whether you choose Solar Home, Business, or Solar Share as the perfect way to turn solar energy into energy you use to offset your electricity needs, Santee Cooper has an option that can work for you. Let us help you find your place in the sun. Contact us here, at, or call us at 843-946-5951.