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The heartbeat of South Carolina

February 01, 2017   By Susan Mungo in Community

Santee Cooper employees have a long tradition of giving back to the communities in which we serve.

February is designated heart month by the American Heart Association. Here at Santee Cooper we feel like we are part of the very heartbeat of South Carolina all year long.

Throughout our history we have provided essential services and supported charitable organizations. We’ve provided employment to individuals whose hearts have always beaten to the drum of helping and providing for citizens and businesses in our community, our state and even our country.

When Santee Cooper first generated power on Feb. 17, 1942, the first power delivered was to North Charleston’s Pittsburgh Metallurgical Corp. (later Macalloy), a smeltering operation. They produced ferrochromium, a critical defense metal important during World War II  to harden steel for battleships and tanks, among other uses.

Santee Cooper, whose formal name is the South Carolina Public Service Authority, was created in 1934 to bring electricity to underserved and rural areas of the state of South Carolina. As soon as the first electricity came online, several of the electric cooperatives around the state began purchasing power to serve their customers. That is a partnership that is ongoing today. 

Through the years, Santee Cooper has grown in the number of essential services it provides.  Lakes Marion and Moultrie are more than just a beautiful recreation space. Together they make up South Carolina’s largest freshwater resource and provide another essential service in the form of wholesale drinking water to several Lowcountry utilities served by the  Santee Cooper Regional Water System and the Lake Marion Regional Water System.

Economic Development is yet another area where Santee Cooper, in alliance with other organizations, works to make our state successful. We partner with other economic development teams, to bring large and small businesses to this region of the country.  This equates to jobs, commerce and dollars to those who live and work here. 

The generation, transmission and distribution of safe and reliable power and water are things Santee Cooper provides on a daily basis. But none of it would be possible without our biggest asset: our employees.

They are not only talented and skilled, they are willing and able to lend a hand to those in need. Santee Cooper employees give of their time, money and resources to help organizations such as the United Way, American Heart Association, March of Dimes,  American Red Cross and many other civic and charitable organizations.

As a matter of fact, the Heart Walk team in our Horry-Georgetown Division raised $8,754 for the American Heart Association in 2016 during various fundraising activities.

At Santee Cooper every month is heart month as our employees work to make life a better place with brighter tomorrows here in the great state of South Carolina.