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Be electrically safe and sound this holiday season

November 22, 2016   By Willard Strong in Safety

This is the week many of us put up our holiday lights and decorate the tree. Of course, some traditionalists will wait until the calendar turns to Dec.1 to begin decking the halls and such.

The holidays are supposed to be joyous time for family and friends, but bad things can of course happen any time of year. There are simple and easy things you can do to make the Thanksgiving and yuletide season safer for you and your loved ones---and give you peace of mind.

For example:

  • Prior to putting up or stringing lights on the tree, make sure you examine each set for loose connections, damaged sockets, or bare or frayed wires. Now, some lights may hold some sentimental value to you, but there’s nothing sentimental about have to dial 911 for the fire department if a dangerous lighting set goes terribly wrong.
  • This could be an ideal time to replace older lighting sets with LEDs that are super energy efficient, essentially don’t generate heat and more than ever, continue to come down in price.
  • For each extension cord, it’s a good idea to not use more than three standard-size light sets.
  • Only plug in exterior lights into ground-fault interruptible (GFI) outlets. If your home or business does not have outside GFI outlets, it’s a very good idea to have a qualified electrician install them.
  • Take a good look at the condition of your ladder before climbing. It might be time to replace it.
  • Do not use a ladder near or on power lines.

For more electrical safety tips, visit our website. Santee Cooper wishes you a joyous and safe holiday season.