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On the hunt for holiday LEDs on the cheap

December 21, 2016   By Willard Strong in Reduce The Use

Strings of holiday LEDs are at bargain prices after Christmas, and LEDs can save up to 80 percent in energy costs.

I’m a bargain hunter. Why pay retail this time of year when you can do some bargain hunting and save money, sometimes 50 percent or more?

Although Black Friday, Cyber Monday and pre-holiday sales have come and gone for another year, there are some real deals beginning the day after Christmas when it comes to holiday lighting in general – and energy efficient LEDs in particular.

In my hunting expeditions, I’ve found the LED “happy hunting ground” happens to be two of the big-name pharmacy chains. These stores mark down the multicolored and white strings of 50 to 100 lights (or more) that didn’t make it to consumers’ hearths, wreaths and trees this year. It’s like an Island of Misfit Lights, instead of an Island of Misfit Toys. And when you use them for the first time, you’ll feel like these lights are shining all the brighter because they cost you less.

Although your neighbors, and possibly home owners associations, may frown on you lighting up the outside of your home with colored lights year round, I’ve found that warm-white strings of LEDs make excellent decorative lighting no matter what the season. And who can argue when you get half off at the cash register?

More importantly is the 80 percent energy savings that LED illumination gives you over incandescent lighting.

If you do decide to dive into the post-holiday piles of lights, I have a few tips. If you plan on putting your lights up outside, make sure they’re suitable for outdoor use. Be sure to follow product directions, and look for the Underwriter’s Laboratory or UL label that ensures the product has been tested for safety.

Besides the pharmacy chains I bargain hunt at, I’m sure other stores mark down LEDs because it’s a seasonal item they want to move out, so check them out too for great LED lighting finds. Happy bargain hunting – the LED way!

Happy holidays from everyone at Santee Cooper!