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No reason not to fully embrace the LED light bulb

October 11, 2017   By Willard Strong in Reduce The Use

LED light bulbs have come down in price dramatically.

If you’ve put off changing out incandescents and/or CFLs to LEDs, the U.S. Department of Energy says LED bulb prices have dropped in price by 85 percent over the last few years!

Now, or the upcoming holiday season is the time to act. Smaller homes have about 20 light bulbs, larger ones about 40. Changing out a 20-bulb house to LEDs costs about $100, or $5 a bulb. To many consumers, that’s a big outlay. Is there a payoff?

According to the June 9, 2017, issue of USA Today, “The longer shelf life of LED lights makes up for the extra expense with savings on your energy bill.”

The Consumer Federation of America stated this past summer that over a 10-year period, switching to LEDs can help consumers save approximately $1,000 over 10 years, which translates to about $8.33 a month.

Choices (dimmable and nondimmable) abound in today’s LED light bulb smorgasbord. Even grocery stores, not just the big-box, home-improvement retailers carry LEDs today. Today’s LED light bulb can be found in soft white or cool white to suit your taste.

LEDs can, literally, keep you from breaking your leg or seriously injuring yourself. How? LEDs can last up to 10 years, even in heavy use. If a high ceiling is your challenge, you’re not going up on a ladder as much and thus, lessening your chance of falling and getting hurt. That’s a real-world example of the term “value added.”

Don’t forget that LED holiday decorations also continue to come down in price, selection and application. What’s more, when Thanksgiving and Black Friday rolls around, LEDs of all types are typically marked down, so you can parlay the season into even more savings.

I think it’s official: Today’s LED light bulb can be declared perfected in your home, your car and your boat. There’s simply no excuse left to not join the LED revolution. Your wallet will thank you.