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Start & Stop Service

Learn more about your electric service including bill payment options, rates, customer service locations and more.

Starting Electric Service?


To open a commercial account, contact the nearest retail office for an application, or complete the New Commercial Account Application. Once you have completed the application, you can fax it or bring it in. A security deposit for commercial customers is based on the square footage of a new building, or twice the highest billing of the previous owner (an exception is made when the building will not be used for the same purposes as the previous tenant). The minimum deposit amount is $200. Security deposits cannot be refunded until the account is closed; however, the deposit amount earns interest that can be requested annually. A surety bond can be accepted in lieu of a security deposit. The minimum amount of the surety bond is $2,000.


Transferring Electric Service?


Business accounts cannot be transferred. You must close your account and open up another.


Stopping Electric Service?


You may stop your electric service by faxing your request or requesting in person. Provide us with a date (Monday-Friday) and a forwarding address for final billing. Whenever possible, we try to provide next day service, but a minimum two-day notice is requested to assure a timely response. Once the service is disconnected, we will deduct the final bill from your deposit, and the balance will be mailed to you at the forwarding address.