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Environmental Intern Program

The program is designed to give interns an in-depth understanding of the many traditional and renewable resources used to make electricity, the importance of balancing environmental issues with meeting electricity demands, and how that electricity is transmitted and ultimately distributed to homes and businesses.

They will also learn about Santee Cooper's key role in the environmental and economic wellbeing of South Carolina. The program concentrates on the challenges of keeping the lights on while protecting the state's environmental and economic prosperity.

Interns will spend the summer at work in key environmental departments for hands-on experience at one of the nation's largest, public-power utilities. In the field, interns will see what rural electrification has done for our state and what Santee Cooper continues to do to protect our natural resources. From the drafting table to the backwoods, they will see how the process of generating power while preserving the environment is a never-ending one of search and discovery.

The Environmental Intern Program includes housing, a food allowance, and hourly wages. Students learn the value of teamwork as they live and work together. The program is hosted at the corporate headquarters in Moncks Corner.


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12 college students are selected each year to participate in the Environmental Intern Program, one from each congressional district and five from the state at large.

 To participate in the Santee Cooper Environmental Intern Program, you must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Be a permanent resident of South Carolina paying in-state tuition.
  • Be an undergraduate student attending a South Carolina college or university.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a rising junior or senior. Internships are served during the summer that precedes the junior or senior year.
  • Have completed 60 credit hours by the end of the spring 2014 term.
  • Have attended two full years of college.
  • Have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
  • Carry a minimum of 24 credit hours during the current school year.
  • Be willing to work in a variety of outdoor settings, as well as in laboratory, industrial plant and office environments. You must be willing to get messy. This is a hands-on summer internship in the heat and humidity of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Some of the work assignments will involve getting wet, dirty, and sweaty.
  • Pass a pre-employment background check and physical including a drug and alcohol screen.

Each applicant is required to provide the following information by February 15, 2014:

  • Completed online application
  • Uploaded cover letter 
    • The same cover letter will be sent to all appointers, so it should not be addressed to any one individual.
  • Uploaded copy of your résumé
    • The résumé should describe your paid and/or volunteer work experience, extracurricular activities, honors, hobbies, community involvement and/or any other items a potential employer should be aware of.
  • Uploaded copy of your college transcript including Fall 2013 grades and documentation of Spring 2014 courses and credit hours in progress.
    • An unofficial transcript will be accepted with the application. An official transcript may be requested if you are selected. If Spring 2014 course information is not included on the transcript, a separate document with this information may be uploaded.
  • Uploaded essay entitled, "Why I Should Be Selected to Be an Intern"
  • Uploaded copy of driver's license

Additionally, each applicant may submit up to two letter of reference. Letters can be uploaded or sent directly to:

Environmental Intern Program Coordinator, OC01
Santee Cooper
P.O. Box 2946101
Moncks Corner, SC 29461-6101

Eleven South Carolina legislators and the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, Inc. will each appoint a qualified student to the Environmental Intern Program.  Each applicant has six opportunities to be selected.  Each student's completed application packet will be sent to the following appointers:

  • Both of South Carolina's U.S. Senators
  • The U.S. Congressman representing your legislative district
  • The President Pro Tempore of the S.C. Senate
  • The Speaker of the S.C. House of Representatives
  • The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, Inc.        
Questions? Contact:

Mrs. Cile Spivey

Santee Cooper, OC01
Training & Development
PO Box 2946101
Moncks Corner, SC 29461-6101

Call: 843-761-8000 ext. 5510

E-mail: cile.spivey@santeecooper.com


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