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Areas of Work

Select an area of work below and it will describe the type of work to expect in that area.

The mission of our department is to be Santee Cooper's corporate-wide environmental air and water quality resource.

Air & Water Quality staff are committed to:

          • Serves as a corporate-wide environmental air and water 
            quality resource
          • Provides regulatory guidance and support for environmental             compliance including regulatory reporting and air emission
            source testing
          • Obtains construction and operating permits for existing & future             operations

Examples of assignments of previous interns and planned activities for future interns working in this area:

  • Assist Air & Water Quality staff with emissions testing at various sources to determine compliance with local, State and Federal regulations.  Testing activities include measurement of pollutants as well as auditing Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS). Sources vary from ground level material handling equipment to boiler exhaust stacks in excess of 600 feet.
  • Inspect and sample potable drinking water wells at Santee Cooper locations.  
  • Monitor or implement activities regarding Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and oil Spill Prevention Controls and Countermeasures (SPCC).  Activities could include site inspections or modification of plans for Santee Cooper's Regional Water Systems and Generating Stations. 
  • Support Air & Water Quality staff with preparation of permitting documents and development of permit compliance strategies.
  • Assist in preparation of environmental regulatory and source test reports.
  • Interns will work closely with Engineers, Engineering Associates, and Technical Associates.  They will be exposed to both strenuous field work and a professional office environment.







  • Provides analytical laboratory services to support Santee Cooper operations.
  • Provides biological monitoring on and around the Santee Cooper lake system & other company-owned   properties.
  • Provides aquatic plant management on the Santee Cooper lake system.


Examples of assignments of previous interns and planned activities for future interns working in this area:

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Aquatic plant management
  • Environmental laboratory testing






  • Works to keep Santee Cooper's facilities in compliance with all state and federal environmental regulations such as the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.
  • Monitors and reports groundwater quality in and around Santee Cooper's landfills and CCP impoundments.
  • Obtains construction and operating permits for new projects and existing facilities that require modifications.
  • Assesses in the clean-up and conducts remediation projects  and reporting at sites where spills or other contamination may have occurred.
  • Serves Santee Cooper as a whole by properly managing the storage, recycling and disposals of all solid, universal and hazardous waste through a corporate waste management program.
  • Administers the Give Oil For Energy Recovery (GOFER) Program for the public to recycle their used motor oil.  The GOFER Program helps protect the environment by providing the public with an environmentally sound disposal option for used motor oil and helps conserve natural resources.
  • Researches new methods of recycling combustion byproducts into marketable goods.
  • Administers Santee Cooper's CCP beneficial use program by marketing fly ash, bottom ash and gypsum for use in the concrete, cement, drywall and other industries.

 Examples of previous intern assignments and planned activities for future interns:

  • Collect water samples from groundwater monitoring wells and inspect or perform maintenance on the wells with the Santee Cooper Professional Geologist.  You will acquire information on the responsibilities of the Environmental Specialist, NPDES permit requirements, groundwater remediation efforts, groundwater quality regulations and analysis, well design, and any applicable sampling protocol.
  • Prepare industrial waste for transportation and disposal including labeling, manifesting, and loading.  Learn about solid, universal, and hazardous waste regulations, compliance requirements and Santee Cooper's mission to reduce solid and hazardous waste.  Be exposed to the economics related to waste disposals.
  • Work with Santee Cooper's fourteen fuel underground storage tanks (USTs) and learn about state and federal regulations governing USTs.
  • Work with the Give Oil For Energy Recovery (GOFER) Program, which may include giving GOFER presentations, used oil collections, GOFER site maintenance, or program review.
  • Accompany personnel on inspections and sampling of CCPs for the ash pond clean closures and CCP beneficial use programs at Grainger and Jefferies Generating Stations.  Quality CCPs are sold to generate income and reduce pond storage requirements for Santee Cooper.  Fly ash is sold for ready mix concrete, cement production and concrete block production.  Gypsum is sold for drywall, for cement manufacturing or for agricultural use (calcium and sulfur content increase peanut size and plant production).
  • Take a tour of the waste utilization and closure efforts, the importance of waste utilization for economic growth, waste storage requirements, conservation of natural resources, regulations governing ash disposal, and other issues regarding beneficial reuse of waste.  In 2012, over 300,000 tons of ash were beneficially used instead of being landfilled or ponded.  In 2014, over 400,000 tons of Santee Cooper's synthetic gypsum were used at American Gypsum's Winyah Plant to make wallboard.
  • Work with the professionals in Combustion Products Utilization, Environmental Management System, and Air and Water Quality (such as geologist, civil, mechanical, environmental, and biosystem engineers).


Enviornmental Services

EMS Mission

  • Work to create a competitive advantage for Santee Cooper through our environmental performance.
  • Ensure Santee Cooper effectively and efficiently meets all environmental requirements.
  • Continuously work to identify risk reduction and performance improvement opportunities.

Examples of possible intern assignments and planned activities for future interns:

  • Work with EMS staff to understand the EMS structure at Santee Cooper, to see how it is integrated throughout the company and to gain an understanding of the importance of having environmental advocates in all aspects of the business.
  • Learn about and use the Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) that is in place for environmental task tracking, regulatory compliance and data trending.  Assist EMS staff with building new tasks in EMIS and serving as a liaison between EMS and various departments that are in the process of implementing EMIS.
  • Prepare for and accompany EMS personnel on focused site visits as part of the Environmental Compliance Assistance Program (ECAP) to better understand environmental regulations and requirements put into practice at operating facilities.
  • Understand the environmental engagement opportunities available for employees and develop ideas to enhance these programs.
  • Develop an understanding of the various tools used by EMS including environmental incident reporting, classification, investigation and trending, the Management of Change (MOC) process and the risk assessment program.
  • Work with various other departments including Generation, Regional Water System, Internal Audit, Environmental Resources, etc. providing environmental guidance and assistance as needed.
  • Is responsible for the disposal of all Santee Cooper excess and obsolete assets.  We are constantly researching and establishing markets to ensure our assets are disposed of in a manner that both maximizes Santee Cooper's return on investment and is in-line with our goal to be a good environmental steward.  All assets are reviewed to determine if they can be repurposed within the company.  
  • Administers Santee Cooper's Single Stream Recycling campaign.  Investment Recovery has received numerous state, regional and national awards for their programs in Solid Waste Management, Single Stream Education & Implementation, and Recycling Awareness.  The Investment Recovery video "Toss It Baby" created to promote Single Stream Recycling has been used throughout the United States to educate business and educational institutions on the ease of Single Stream recycling.
  • Works closely with state and local DHEC officials to report all recycling opportunities and programs throughout Santee Cooper's operating locations and offices.


Examples of assignments of previous interns and planned activities for future interns working in this area:

  • Interns play a vital role in the evaluation of Santee Cooper's recycling programs and Single Stream efforts to ensure compliance with the corporate environmental stewardship goal.  Interns will be active participants in a company-wide Waste Stream Analysis, and the results from the analysis will be reported to management.
  • Interns will travel to various Santee Cooper sites to explore disposal opportunities for environmental related assets.  Interns will also travel throughout the Santee Cooper system of warehouses, substations, and crew quarters to identify current recycling methods and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Interns will also be asked to make recommendations on Sustainability opportunities they encounter during their rotation with Investment Recovery.  Past recommendations have led to changes in Investment Recovery operating procedures and guidelines.


 Environmental Interns at Work - Investment Recovery Environmental Interns at Work - Investment Recovery 





  • Preserves the natural beauty and historical significance of the Santee Canal
  • Educates the general public about the natural and historical significance of SC.
  • Hosts festivals and community events (Oyster Roast, 4th of July, Bluegrass Festival, Celebrate the Season)
  • Provides recreational opportunities for the general public
  • Provides education programs for school groups and summer camps
  • Provides facility rentals for weddings, family reunions, picnics, etc.


Examples of assignments of previous interns and planned activities for future interns working in this area:

  • Assist park personnel with summer camp operations
  • Lead a program, game, etc. during summer camp
  • Work alongside park personnel on park enhancement projects
  • Assist with daily environmental operations at the park


Old Santee Canal Park Old Santee Canal Park Old Santee Canal Park  





Property Management oversees all Santee Cooper properties located throughout 39 counties in South Carolina.  These properties include:

  • 55 Santee Cooper developed subdivisions
  • 21 public boat landings
  • 57 commercial facilities
  • 36,000 acres of forest lands
  • 10,000+ acres of outlying properties
  • 450 miles of shoreline surrounding Lakes Marion and Moultrie
  • 160,000 acres of flooded acres in Lakes Marion and Moultrie


Examples of assignments of previous interns and planned activities for future interns working in this area:

  • Assist Land Agents in performing aerial, boat, and walk-through inspections of Santee Cooper properties and shoreline.
  • Assist the Forester with various duties, such as cruising to estimate timber stand volume, seedling survival evaluations, inspecting timber harvesting operations, inspecting herbicide applications, and conducting prescribed burns.
  • Participate in evaluating and implementing wildlife management practices on Santee Cooper's lands, conducting species surveys, and posting Wildlife Management Area (WMA) signage.


Property Management Property Management Property Management Property Management




  • Is responsible for increasing the amount of generation coming from renewable generation.
  • Researches viable energy sources that can be converted into renewable electricity.
  • Creates viable, effective programs that promote renewable energy.
  • Develops a range of renewable projects using various technologies that expand Santee Cooper's flexibility to respond to a changing regulatory environment.


Examples of assignments of previous interns and planned activities for future interns working in this area:

  • Research renewable energy technologies.
  • Evaluate potential renewable energy sites.
  • Assist in the coordination and placement of solar collectors.
  • Prepare information to publicize or explain renewable energy concepts.


Renewable Energy Renewable Energy Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy




  • Responsible for the integrated vegetation and land management programs that support reliable electric service to all customers served by Santee Cooper's transmission system.

Examples of assignments of previous interns and planned activities for future interns working in this area:  

  • Assist with reconciling reported tree hazards located within and/or along transmission rights-of-way
  • Provide in-field support for undesirable woody plant growth study
  • Assist with documenting non-permissible encroachments throughout the transmission system  
  • Assist with ground floor vegetation maintenance operations including herbicide control and mechanical mowing


Right-of-Way Management Right-of-Way Management Right-of-Way Management Right-of-Way Management




  • Provides for the prevention of insect borne diseases and control of mosquitos and other insect pests throughout the Santee Cooper Project.

Examples of assignments of previous interns and planned activities for future interns working in this area:

  • Monitor mosquito populations for the presence of the West Nile Virus
  • Collect mosquitoes taken with light traps from various sites in Berkeley County
  • Provide for the control of mosquito larvae in aquatic environments
  • Identify hours of peak adult mosquito activity through the placement and operation on rotating cylinder traps.


Vector Management Vector Management Vector Management Vector Management

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