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Power Associates - Generation / Distribution

Santee Cooper's Power Associates Program is a competitive scholarship program that prepares high school graduates for rewarding technical careers in the electric utility industry.

During this two-year program, students earn a technical associate degree and gain hands-on experience by working in a generating station and/or electrical-distribution area. Santee Cooper pays for tuition, fees, books and supplies. Students earn a competitive wage, receive a weekly stipend, and qualify for substantial incentive bonuses each semester based on academic performance. Graduates receive preferential consideration for full-time employment at Santee Cooper.

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Auxiliary Operator

Auxiliary Operators perform the critical tasks of operating, inspecting and monitoring equipment that produces electricity such as turbines, generators and boilers. Auxiliary Operators work rotating shifts in generating stations that operate 24/7.

E&I Technician

Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians maintain all electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in a generating station environment.

Power Plant Mechanic

Power Plant Mechanics maintain mechanical equipment in a generating station, such as piping systems and hydraulic and pneumatic power-transmission systems.

Substation Maintenance Technician

Working both indoors and outdoors, a Substation Maintenance Technician performs critical installation and maintenance work on Santee Cooper’s substations. After leaving a generating station, electricity flows through substations statewide on its way to homes and businesses.