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A Wonderful Weather Destination

It’s the perfect climate for economic growth, birds of paradise and almost snowless winters.

South Carolina's climate tends to be humid and subtropical. So matter where you live, expect a long, hot summer and short, mild winters.

It’s consistent throughout the state to see temperatures vary as much as 10 degrees from the mountains to the coast. If snow is forecasted In South Carolina, the mountain region may see 3 inches or less, and on rare occasion the coast may get a dusting which would melt by noon.

The average high & low temperatures across the state


Hilton Head
Myrtle Beach


Average temperatures at a glance

  • The annual average temperature varies from the mid-50’s in the mountains to the low 60s by the coast.
  • During winter, the temperature ranges from the mid-30’s in the mountains to the low 50s by the coast.