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Ranked #1 in the South for Productivity

People. Our most valuable natural resource.      

From high tech to timber, business in South Carolina is as diverse and multifaceted as our work force. And with more than 4 million people living in the state,* together with a low cost of living, businesses have no trouble recruiting the cream of the crop.

South Carolina is poised for economic growth

  • The state is a Right to Work state
  • Home to the lowest unionization rate (1.8%) in the nation
  • The state’s work force is ranked first in productivity in the Southeast
  • The third most productive work force in the United States.
    • Our work stoppage rate of 0.0002 is significantly below the national average of 0.02.
  • South Carolina offers over 1.9 million people in the civilian labor force.
  • Total nonagricultural employment is over 1,835,300 million workers - with about 18% employed in manufacturing.

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*According to the U.S. Census, July 2012