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Distributed Generation

Customer-based Solar

Santee Cooper supports development of solar power resources. We’ve been generating solar energy for our customers since 2006, and we’ve promoted it with the state’s electric cooperatives through demonstration projects all across South Carolina.

We’re also working with customers who want to install solar panels at their homes or businesses to provide some of their energy needs. These customers still want and have access to Santee Cooper’s electric system – our generating units, power lines and transmission and distribution poles – both when their own panels are not meeting their needs (nights, cloudy days, afternoon thunderstorms) and when they sell us back excess energy they’re producing.

That means it’s important that we don’t shift the cost to serve solar customers to our non-solar customers. We are committed to continued support for solar energy – whether we’re generating it or you are – and also to making sure all our customers are charged fairly for access to our system.  Learn more by watching this short video

Santee Cooper was the first utility to generate renewable energy for our customers when we opened our first Green Power station in 2001. We will continue to look for ways to increase renewable energy generation that are practical and make sense for our customers.

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