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Vegetation Management

Santee Cooper owns and operates distribution and transmission lines throughout South Carolina. 

Providing safe and reliable power is our primary goal, and by effectively managing right-of-way vegetation, Santee Cooper can pass on the benefits to our customers.


Pruning and removing trees near power lines are essential to ensure system reliability. They can also be very dangerous. Only qualified professionals should attempt to work around trees that are growing too close to electric power lines. Santee Cooper's line-clearance contractors have years of experience in the business of utility arboriculture.


Before you trim your shade tree, be certain that all parts of the tree are safe distances from power lines. Cut only if you know precisely what you are doing. If you have any doubt, contact a tree-care professional or your local utility for assistance.


In addition to our goal of reliable electricity, our vegetation management practices also support a diversity of plant and wildlife species. We selectively target nuisance vegetation and leave grasses, wildflowers, and shrubs to grow, allowing butterflies to thrive alongside small mammals and birds that seek places to feed, nest, and hide from predators. Santee Cooper also supports research projects and habitat restoration programs that help promote biological diversity within utility corridors.