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Santee Cooper Lineworkers' Rodeo

2017 Rodeo Results

We’d like to thank the lineworkers, judges and volunteers who made the 2017 Lineworkers Rodeo a success on Saturday, April 1, and thank you Horry Georgetown Technical College for hosting the event. The rodeo had a great turnout, and the results are in.

Journeyman Overall Winners:

1.    Chad Williams, Dow Hardee and Joe Sawyer from Santee Cooper

2.    William Burbage, Mark Milovich and Wesley Mason from Berkeley Electric Cooperative

3.    Jake Murray, Tyler Davison and Travis Wiggins from Santee Cooper

Apprentice Overall Winners:

1.    Lucas Elston from York Electric Cooperative

2.    Aaron Hughes from Santee Cooper

3.    Jamie Anderson from Santee Cooper

Congratulations to the winners and all of the participants.
See the 2017 Lineworkers Rodeo full results here.


The Lineworkers' Rodeo began at Santee Cooper in 1998.The Santee Cooper Lineworkers' Rodeo was initially organized to determine the lineworkers who would represent Santee Cooper at the International Lineman's Rodeo & Expo in Kansas City.

In 2002, the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina were invited to join Santee Cooper in the friendly competition. Over time, the rodeo has become an event that attracts lineworkers, their families, and their friends from across the state.

The Lineworkers' Rodeo is designed to showcase a lineworker's skills and know-how in a fun and safe environment. It's also intended to build camaraderie among the lineworkers and strengthen their knowledge and ability in the areas of safety, teamwork, and productivity.

The rodeo is open to anyone who is or was a qualified practicing lineworker employed by Santee Cooper or an electric cooperative of South Carolina.

The rodeo has two levels of competition: journeyman and apprentice. In order to compete as an apprentice, the lineworker must have less than four years of line experience.

Journeyman teams consist of three members: two climbers and one ground person. The Journeyman teams must declare their members' positions before the start of competition, and members must remain in their assigned positions for the entire rodeo. An alternate may fill a position in the event of injury.

Vendors from all over the U.S. have helped with the rodeo's success by sponsoring the individual events and providing the materials and awards for their events. Family activities also make the rodeo fun and exciting for all ages.

For any questions concerning the Santee Cooper Lineworkers' Rodeo, email us at