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Energy Conservation/Efficiency

Learn about the forms of energy and how to be energy efficient to conserve energy for the future.

My Book About Being An Energy Saver

Turn off the lights and TV when not in use... close doors tightly in winter -- just two of the many tips youngsters will find in this lively coloring book. Starts kids off right for a lifetime of wise energy use.

Grade Level: PK-1
Channing Bete Company

The Clubhouse Kids Make a Big Difference

The Clubhouse Kids are in danger of being kicked out of their clubhouse if they don't reduce their energy use. This 32-page storybook promotes an energy-conscious outlook and good habits. Activities include cut-out energy tip cards, a home energy inspection, a club membership certificate, and more. As the club motto says, "What I do makes a big difference - Saving energy helps the Earth!" The clever watercolor and ink artwork is by well-known illustrator Betsy James.

Grade Level: 3-5

Publisher: The Culver Company

Extras: Teacher Guide

Hands-On Energy Effiency

Empower upper elementary and middle school kids with a wide range of ideas and solid reasons to influence their family's and school's energy habits. Students calculate how much money they can help save and much more - you won't believe how many appealing activities and science experiments are in this book. Teachers will appreciate the National Science Educational Standards support that meets their curriculum requirements, enabling them to teach your materials.


Grade level: 5-7

Publisher: The Culver Company

Extras: Teacher Guide