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Safety (Electrical)

Learn how to recognize and avoid electrical hazards in and outside the house.

My Book About Staying Safe Around Electricity

Through simple text, friendly characters, and pictures to color, this book covers the basics of electrical safety. Cautions kids to stay away from plugs, worn cords, sparks, power lines, and other hazards.

Grade Level: 1-2
Publisher: Channing Bete Company

Aunt Sarah and the Amazing Power

This beautifully, illustrated tale about three lovable kittens introduces the benefits of electricity and electric safety basics. Employing the "big book/little book" system for teaching reading, teachers use the large version for reading the story aloud in class. The child-size version is perfect for reading groups and to take home.

Grade Level: 1-3
Publisher: The Culver Company

Who Knew? The Electrical Safety Issue

This preteen-targeted workbook uses word games, mazes, a role-playing scene, a board game, and more to help youths understand that electricity can help us in a lot of ways -- but that it's also very dangerous! Explains how electricity travels from a power plant to one's home, provides key indoor and outdoor electrical safety tips, and includes activities for children and parents to do together.


Grade Level: 3-5

Publisher: Channing Bete Company

Extras: Teacher Guide

Electrical Safety World Book

Electrical Safety World is a magazine-style activity and experiment booklet designed to work in a classroom setting and/or for independent use. It teaches mandated science concepts while powerfully reinforcing electrical safety messages. Topics include how electricity is made, renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, indoor and outdoor electrical safety tips, and how to respond in electrical emergencies. Students learn the importance of safety through real-life testimonials.

Grade Level: 4-6
Publisher: The Culver Company


It's A Wired World

Working in teams and using simple materials-batteries, flashlight bulbs, and copper wire-students construct safe circuits. By studying electrical circuits and electricity's path to the ground students learn how to stay safe.

Grade Level: 4-8
Publisher: The Culver Company
Extras: Teacher's Guide


Don't Get Zapped!

Developed with the assistance of middle school teachers, this magazine-style activity book easily ties into existing science curriculum. Students will read about Olympic 2000 kayaker Cliff Meidl who was severely injured in a power line/jackhammer contact when he was 20. They can also experiment in the classroom getting them thinking about the power of electricity and how to stay safe.

Grade Level: 6-8
Publisher: The Culver Company
Extras: Teacher's Guide