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Water Cycle and Cons.

Learn the uses and limitations of our fresh water supply through hands-on activities.

Be Water Wise Activity Book

Full-color, easy-to-understand guide to water conservation. Teacher-endorsed, early-learning activities teach preschoolers and nonreaders about water and water conservation. Makes learning about water and water conservation fun and educational.

Grade Level: PK-1
Publisher: The Culver Company


Know What? We Use Water Wisely!

Help children build water-conservation skills in an entertaining way! This interactive workbook features engaging graphics, age-appropriate text, and fun activities that grab kids' attention and help them learn where water comes from and what they can do to keep water clean. This workbook includes tips for conserving water at home and a family activity page that encourages parents to discuss water conservation with their children.


Grade Level: 1-2

Publisher: Channing Bete Company

Extras: Teacher Guide


Who Knew? The Water Savers Issue

Puzzles, mazes, "Splash and Save!" board game, and other interactive features teach children how to be water-wise. Helps them understand the water cycle, why water conservation is so vital to the health of our planet, and the important role they can play in conserving water every day.

Grade Level: 3-5
Publisher: Channing Bete Company

Extras: Teacher Guide


Let's Make a Splash! Information and activities for a Course on Water

Dewdrop leads kids through a variety of simple, hands-on activities that let children see for themselves the uses and limitations of our fresh water supply.

Grade Level: 4-6
Publisher: Channing Bete Company