Five Reasons You Won’t Quit This New Year’s Resolution

Five Reasons You Won’t Quit This New Year’s Resolution

Five Reasons You Won’t Quit This New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2018!

New Year’s resolution season is here. As the new year begins, the opportunity to “clear the slate” and start anew presents itself. We’re excited, we’re pumped, we’re motivated! We’re going to hit the gym regularly and meal prep every Sunday.

One resolution you’ll be more likely to keep? Using energy more efficiently in your home. Here are five reasons this resolution is easy to keep:

  1. Saving $$$
    South Carolina is having a colder winter this year, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Turning the heat up puts you in danger of your heat pump’s auxiliary heat kicking on, causing your monthly bill to skyrocket. Keep your thermostat at 68 degrees or lower, and use your ceiling fan to your advantage. Setting your ceiling fan to turn clockwise to pull cool air up and disperses warm air, which naturally rises.

    Make sure your heating system isn’t working harder than it needs to. Check your air filter and replace it once a month.

    There are also several low-cost things you can do that will save you more money in the long run, like switching out your incandescent or CFL bulbs to LED bulbs. According to, by replacing your five most used light bulbs with LED bulbs, you can save $75 a year.

  2. Helping the environment
    On top of conserving energy with the tips above, Santee Cooper offers a few options for going green. You can purchase Green Power (electricity that is generated from renewable sources such as wind, solar and landfill gas) for as little as $3 a month through Santee Cooper’s Green Power program. For more info on Santee Cooper Green Power, click here.

  3. Accomplishing a resolution with your family/housemates
    Approaching your resolutions alone can be daunting. Having a little extra motivation and help from those around you can make all the difference. Whether it is your spouse, child, roommate or parent, having someone helping you reach your goal will make it easier and more enjoyable.

  4. Making changes from your couch
    Did you know Santee Cooper provides an Online Home Energy Checkup? Completing this checkup can help you identify issues where efficiency upgrades can help you save energy and money. Cozy up on the couch, and access the checklist by clicking here.

  5. You don’t have to pay for a gym membership
    No further explanation necessary.

So, you still don’t want to kick aside your current resolutions quite yet? Don’t. Keep working at it! But if you want a guaranteed successful resolution, add making your home more energy efficient to the list. For more tips on how to use energy more efficiently, please visit our website by clicking here.

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